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    One CAM software for everything

    For efficient and continuous processes.

    With hyperMILL®, both simple and complex geometries can be programmed efficiently. Workpieces can be completely machined in a single setup thanks to the broad range of machining strategies. The advantages: continuous and more efficient processes, reduced processing times and higher reliability.

    In addition, hyperMILL® offers several options for automated programming, reducing machine cycle times and optimising processes. Examples of this include sophisticated feature and macro technology, automated functions such as mirroring and transforming, functions that minimise auxiliary processing times such as job linking or production mode, and fully automated collision checking and avoidance.

    • Easy, time-saving programming with automated functions such as transformation and mirroring
    • Intelligent functions such as job linking or production mode reduce auxiliary processing times
    • Automatic indexing for 5axis machining that saves time and is easier on the machine
    • Multiple 5axis strategies for cavity and surface machining
    • Fully automated collision checking and avoidance for the highest process reliability
    • Functions for HSC machining and high-performance roughing
    • 2D, 3D, HSC, 5-axis and mill turn strategies combined in a single interface
    • The world’s leading 5axis technology
    • Special applications seamlessly integrated in hyperMILL®
    • A unified postprocessor for turning and milling

    Details on new features

    General information | Optimised menu navigation, JT format, TDM Systems interface

    Tool database | TOOL Builder

    Stock management

    CAM – 2D strategies | Stop surfaces for drill holes, 2D contour milling on 3D models, 2D pocket milling, Helical drilling

    CAM – 3D strategies | 3D free path milling, 3D plane level machining, 3D Z-level finishing, 3D complete finishing, 3D profile finishing, 3D optimised rest material roughing

    hyperMILL® MAXX Machining | 5 axis tangent machining

    CAM – 5 axis strategies | Conical interpolation, 5 axis swarf cutting with one curve, 5 axis optimised rest material roughing

    CAD integration: hyperCAD®-S | Unwrap, Compare and merge, Quick print, Tooltip, Markups, Convert to analytical, Mesh functions, Solid layer function, Sketcher, Reuse settings from previous version

    Details on new features

    General information | Interactive selection, Set workplane to frame

    CAM – 2D strategies | Thread milling, Contour milling on 3D models

    CAM – 3D strategies | 3D-optimised rest material roughing, 3D equidistant finishing, 3D shape Z-level finishing

    CAM – 5A axis strategies | 3D/5 axis Z-level finishing, 5 axis profile finishing

    Tool database | Freely definable tool geometry

    CAM – millTURN | Tool database cutting point management, Optimised user interface, ANSI/ISO code tool description

    Macro and feature technology | Advanced functions in the macro database, Pocket recognition

    hyperMILL® MAXX Machining | Tangent plane machining, High-performance cutting (HPC), 5axis helical drilling

    CAD integration: hyperCAD®-S | Mesh – Working with meshes, hyperCAD®-S Viewer, hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer, Shape contours, Deformation, Trimming solid faces, New sketcher, Swarf cutting faces, Search functions for workplanes, Chain selection, Moving/copying, Print box


    The complete system for efficient
    and reliable CAM programming.
    3.5 MB | 2016


    hyperMILL®. Version 2016.2.
    What's new in 2016.2?
    6.2 MB | 2016


    hyperMILL®. Version 2016.1.
    What's new in 2016.1?
    10 MB | 2015

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