The measure of all (milling) things

5axis technology.

The trendsetting 5axis technology in hyperMILL® can typically yield time savings of more than 25 per cent while lowering tool wear and increasing contour accuracy for more cost-efficient production thanks to continuous machining. Challenging geometries such as high and steep walls require many different tool inclinations in precisely delineated milling areas.

5axis simultaneous machining with hyperMILL® 5AXIS is based on what users are already familiar with: milling with a tilted tool. Yet the machining process is now quicker, the surface results are better and programming is much less complicated. Thanks to easy programming with automatic collision checking and avoidance, this technology can also be used as a solution for many standard milling jobs.

  • Easy programming for milling applications with indexed orientation.
  • Process reliability due to proven fully automated collision checking and avoidance.
  • Multiple tilt strategies are available: 3+2, automatic indexing and 5axis simultaneous machining.
  • Familiar 3D strategies, such as Z-level machining or rest machining have been expanded to include 5axis processing.
  • A broad spectrum of machining strategies for surfaces, cavities and special machining tasks.
  • All 5axis strategies are available in the hyperMILL® interface.
  • 5axis shape offset roughing and finishing for simple and time-saving programming of shaped and wrapped surfaces.
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