CAD/CAM software hyperMILL®: What’s new in 2017.2?

    Faster, easier and more versatile: hyperMILL® 2017.1!
    One absolute highlight is the new electrode module that can be used to reliably and efficiently manufacture electrodes. There is also a new feature type to quickly detect T-slots in T-slot milling. Meanwhile, an expansion to the 3D-optimised roughing ensures a significant increase in efficiency.
    And finally, during 5-axis swarf cutting with one curve, it is now easier for hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS users to create programs for swarf cutting operations.

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    hyperMILL®. Version 2017.2.

    What's new in 2017.2?
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    General | T-slot feature and feature recognition

    2.5D T-Slot Feature Recognition | hyperMILL 2017.2

    The new feature type allows T-slots to be quickly and easily recognised in the component. Two types are available for feature recognition: ‘T-slots’ and ‘Pockets with bottom and T-slots’. This feature information is incorporated into the ‘T-slot milling on 3D model’ strategy so that slots can be manufactured in a highly efficient way with just a few clicks.
    Benefit: Simple and fast T-slot recognition and programming.

    3D optimized Roughing | hyperMILL 2017.2

    CAM – 3D strategies | 3D-optimised roughing

    The infeed strategy has been optimised for the ‘Rest material roughing’ machining mode. The optimum infeed value is calculated using the ‘Use infeed optimisation’ option in connection with the ‘Additional chip thickness and depth’ values. The user can adjust the machining to the conditions of the tool. This allows tools with long cutting lengths to be optimally exploited and precisely controlled through the ‘Maximum infeed’ parameter.
    Benefit: Faster machining and more economic exploitation of the tool.

    5-axis swarf cutting with one edge | Solidworks | hyperMILL 2017.2

    CAM – 5-axis strategies | 5-axis swarf cutting with one curve

    Two new functions ensure greater user-friend­liness for hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS. A perfect face and an equally perfect curve are created automatically for swarf cutting based on selected geometries via a face selection. Automatic filleting for interior corners ensures optimal machining.
    Benefit: User-friendly, fast and easy programming.

    CAD integration: hyperCAD®-S

    Electrode – Fast electrode derivation and programming

    Sharp-edged and difficult-to-mill component areas are die-sunk with electrodes. The die sinking process requires suitable electrodes that need to first be constructed, then programmed and then finally milled. Without the hyperCAD®-S electrode module, realising this manufacturing process would take a great deal of construction and programming.

    A few short steps to constructing an electrode
    The electrode module largely automates the construction process in hyperCAD®-S. Seamless technology and component data transfers in hyperMILL® also ensure fast, reliable programming. The entire process is so highly supported that programmers can carry it out with just a few clicks, without requiring any construction knowledge.

    Highlights in creating electrodes
    The programmer selects the faces to be eroded on the component geometry. The module creates corresponding collisionfree electrodes, which means that, when necessary, it automatically ensures extension of the electrode faces and the derivation of raw material and holders. Seamless transfer into the hyperMILL® CAM system is based on the geometry as well as the technological information. The programmer selects the electrodes to be programmed at this point and starts the programming using further technology definitions. If there are machining macros in place, the programming is carried out automatically.

    Process chain | electrode | hyperCAD-S 2017.2

    Electrode module features

    • Suitable for solid and face models
    • Geometry selection through face and contour selection
    • Automatic extension of electrode geometry
    • Holes in the geometry can be automatically closed
    • Measuring markers for the electrode
    • Automatic colour and layer definition for the individual electrode areas
    • Automatic raw material and holder selection with best fit option for optimal alignment
    • Automatic stock calculation and collision avoidance
    • Electrode reference as chamfer or radius
    • Detailed reports
    • Incorporation of manually created electrode geometries into the automated process
    • Automatic calculation of the minimum rib distance
    • Automatic calculation of the length and adjustment options for the length of useless raw material
    • Fast programming in hyperMILL®:
      All technology data, such as the spark gap, stock size and positional reference, are automatically transferred in hyperMILL®. The programming work can even be further automated using machining macros.

    Electrode module functions

    Colour coding

    Colour coding | function | electrode | hyperCAD-S 2017.2

    User-specific colour information is automatically applied to the geometry areas of the electrode.

    Geometry extension

    Geometry extension | function | electrode | hyperCAD-S 2017.2

    Automatic tangential or linear extension of the electrode geometry. Angle extension is also available for stabilisation.

    Production report

    Production report | function | electrode | hyperCAD-S 2017.2

    A print view with technological information or electrode and raw material reports can be issued for each individual electrode.

    Positioning | hyperCAD-S 2017.2


    In hyperCAD®-S, components can be precisely positioned with the help of relationships. That means solids, faces and groups can be geometrically set in relation to one another.
    The ‘Position clamps’ function allows elements such as clamping jaws to be moved linearly or radially towards a central point between each other.
    Benefit: Simple alignment of various components relative to one another and convenient clamp alignment.

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