hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced

Advanced CAM automation solution

The key advantage of OPEN MIND’s automation technology is that it allows you to uniquely map manufacturing processes and then standardize them.
From loading the CAD model all the way to the finished NC program - the entire workflow is stored and can be applied to new components in seconds.

hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced offers a level of technology that reaches far beyond the automation of standard geometry features. The specific characteristics of the CAD models are only of secondary importance in this context. The main focus is on the elements that a CAD model contains. Experienced hyperMILL® users can define the individual process steps using a wide range of template functions. This even makes it possible to define and standardize complex processes.

Automated CAD

The use of CAD functions for NC automation is what makes OPEN MIND’s technology unique. Before programming can begin, model data must often be prepared according to the specific job step. This includes actions such as closing holes by means of surface commands, creating boundary curves or shifting coordinate systems and defining dependencies for component alignment. Users can shape the automation process and each individual step according to their standards, infusing their manufacturing knowledge to program components in the shortest possible time.

Seamless Automation

Complex manufacturing processes can be automated using hyperMILL® functions as well as the CAD functions of hyperCAD®-S. The user defines all the individual steps, from data preparation and programming right up to simulation and NC program.
Once a process has been automated, it can be applied to new components. After starting the job, the process is executed automatically. If there is an ambiguous selection or another reason why automation must pause, the user is prompted to intervene. In this case, hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced guides users interactively through the individual process steps.

Scope of Functions

  • Access to over “500” template functions
  • hyperCAD®-S and hyperMILL® functions can be automated
  • Every step can be documented
  • VIRTUAL Tool support
  • Feature and macro technology
  • Complex geometries are defined in CPFs
  • Control of individual actions using colors


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