MILL-TURN Machining Module: Milling and Turning With Just One CAM Software

Mill/turn centers are designed for efficient all-in-one machining in a single setup. With its MILL-TURN Machining module, hyperMILL® CAM software provides the perfect integration of milling and turning strategies in a single user interface.

Combined mill/turn centers are a very sophisticated type of CNC machine as they link two different types of machining technologies. The advantage is that the workpiece can be milled and turned on one machine and one setup. This means even highly complex workpieces can be completely machined in a single setup. The combination of milling and turning is therefore becoming more and more important in CNC programming.

All-in-one machining on the NC machine

Mill turning has enormous potential when it comes to manufacturing a particular range of parts. For example, when a typical milled part has a rotationally symmetrical outer contour, it is not necessary to clamp the part again on a second machine with credit to one-hit machining. The manufacturing time is reduced and greater precision is achieved. Therefore, in general, mill turning makes manufacturing processes more cost-efficient.

Turning and milling in a single CAM interface

The complexity of turning and milling places higher demands on NC programming. The CAM software must make it possible to work safely and efficiently.

MILL-TURN machining is fully integrated in hyperMILL® CAM software. The user can equally use mill/turn strategies as well as all 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis milling strategies in a single user interface. Even demanding mill/turn tasks can be programed very conveniently in hyperMILL® using the MILL-TURN Machining module. This is due to all turning and milling strategies being freely combined with each another. This means that the NC programmer can be very flexible when choosing the best possible machining strategy.

Another advantage of the MILL-TURN Machining module is the fully integrated tool database, stock tracking, collision checking and postprocessor in hyperMILL®. These features can be used jointly for all milling and turning operations.


  • A single programming environment for turning and milling tasks
  • A broad spectrum of available turning and milling strategies for flexible programming up to complex 5-axis tasks
  • A shared tool database for turning, milling and drilling tools enables standardized tool management
  • A postprocessor individually adapted to the machine, controller and range of parts generates the NC code for the turning and milling operations in one NC program
  • Simple tool definition: Define inserts via the ISO or ANSI code


hyperMILL MILL-TURN Machining | CAM software | Download

hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining.

Mill-Turn Strategies
PDF | 4.6 MB

Strategies for MILL-TURN Machining


  • No need to change the programming environment
  • Greater accuracy and reduced setup times
  • Simple tool management
  • Turning and milling in one NC program: A shared postprocessor is used for the turning and milling operations
  • Collision safety across all cycles and for the entire component
  • Stock tracking across all operations: Stock tracking is also calculated for all turning and milling operations

hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining: Engine Case | Hermle

This video shows the machining of an engine case for the aerospace industry on a Hermle C42 MT. It was programmed with hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining combined with high-performance strategies from the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining package.


hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining”
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