hyperCAD®-S CAD software:
What’s new in 2020.1?

The Version 2020.1 of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration also once again features many highlights and numerous new features.


CAM software: hyperMILL Version 2020.1 | Download

hyperMILL®. Version 2020.1.

What's new in 2020.1?

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Side electrodes

hyperCAD®-S now supports the creation of side electrodes. These are created in the same way as vertical electrodes, and defined using specific parameters such as axis, eroding depth, joint angle, or joint length. Collision checks optimize the parameters and protect against contact during approach.

Benefit: Simple side electrode creation.

Align faces orientation

The ‘Align faces orientation’ function makes it possible to automatically align all normals of a selected connected face area.

Benefit: Uniform face alignment.

hyperMILL® CAM software

New features in Version 2020.1