hyperCAD®-S CAD software:
What’s new in 2019.2?

The Version 2019.2 of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration also once again features many highlights and numerous new features.

These new features include many ‘CAD for CAM’ functions. In addition, undercuts can now be easily recognized in hyperCAD®-S.


CAM software: hyperMILL Version 2019.2 | Download

hyperMILL®. Version 2019.2.

What's new in 2019.2?

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The new ‘Undercut’ function makes it possible to detect undercut areas on components quickly and reliably. Bounding curves can be created automatically from the detected areas and used for programming, for example, as milling boundaries or to ensure a better overview.

Benefits: Improved component analysis.

Density and mass

Two additions to the entity properties provide more information about the component:

  • The center of mass can be determined and generated from solids plus volume meshes and stocks via the entity properties. This can then be used to ensure an optimal clamping setup, for example.
  • In the case of solids and meshes, the weight is output by assigning a material. This makes it possible to achieve a better assessment of the specific component properties.

Benefits: Improved information output.