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In order to protect the health of our staff and yours, we write to inform you of some adjustments to our working practices.

This would at first glance seem an impossible challenge but here at OPEN MIND we are prepared. 50% of our staff already work virtually as remote workers and the others are regularly working offsite.

Our business is already mobile and we have the modern tools that allow possibilities to support our customers in the normal way.

Right now we think it’s the right time to remind people of the options available to them.


Nothing has changed, we are still available through the usual channels:

Website: www.openmind-tech.com
E-Mail: info.uk@delete-me.openmind-tech.com
Tel: 01869 290003


Support by telephone is available in the normal way and you will be transferred to a support engineer. With that in mind, its always better to start a support case through email as we have automated solutions to log your case so that the next available engineer is able to deal with it.

E-Mail: support.uk@delete-me.openmind-tech.com
Tel: 01869 290003


Whilst we are still able to travel we will reduce numbers in our training centre.
We will take due diligence to reduce risk with social distancing.
The training centre is being deep cleaned nightly.

Next week we start with online training courses.
Now is a good time to get the outstanding training done.

Software & Post Processors deliveries

All software and Posts processors can be delivered digitally
Post tests and tuning of these post processors can be done remotely.


For many years OPEN MIND as migrated our tools to the cloud
We have many solutions to support our customers with Zoom, Teamviewer, Go-to meeting, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, WeTransfer, email and telephone.

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You can find information on data protection, your rights as a data subject, and how personal data is handled at OPEN MIND in our privacy policy.

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Challenges like the Covid-19 come once in a lifetime

Business will be a challenge in the coming weeks but it will return to normal.
Its our job to make sure as valued customers you are ready on the other side.
We are and will update our risk management each day on government advice and react to our customer challenges.

At OPEN MIND we are ready, we are ready to support you through this challenging and difficult period.

Adrian Smith
Managing Director UK