Subcontractor Sees Success With hyperMILL®

BRG CNC Machining is a privately owned, family run business located in the heart of East Yorkshire in the North East of the UK. As an extremely ambitious business owner, Ben has his sights set upon building major success and OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL® software is a core aspect of this vision.

With little experience in a machine shop and at the young age of 25 went, Ben Goodwin bought a Hurco 3-axis VM10 machining centre and a suite of low-end CAM software. Taken on a massive learning curve, the small business owner is now making a huge success of his business venture and this is credit to Ben’s vision, drive and also the subsequent help of OPEN MIND CAM software. As Ben explains: “I bought the Hurco and a 3-axis CAM package and even with my limited machining knowledge at that time, I quickly realised the first CAM package I bought was holding me back. The 3-axis software was slow, laborious and despite my limited experience, I was getting frustrated with the tool paths. I needed to upgrade and hyperMILL® was the only longterm choice for my business.”

The leading 5-axis CAM package

The ambition and vision of BRG’s owner is evident in his software selection, opting for the leading 5-axis CAM package when only having a 3-axis machine. Alluding to this, Ben says: “Despite only having a 3-axis VMC, our business has huge ambition and we will be moving to 5-axis machining in the near future. When we get there, we will be prepared with experience on the leading 5-axis CAM package, which will reduce our learning curve. In addition, hyperMILL® is a modular package, so we can add what we need as we progress.”

“With hyperMILL® we cut programming times from four hours to just 20 minutes. The CAM solution is the marquee package for producing everything from simple 3-axis to full 5-axis parts.”

Ben Goodwin, Managing Director BRG CNC Machining

Justifying the 5-axis Package for a 3-axis Machine

The selection of hyperMILL® by the Market Weighton based company is more than just ambition. As Ben continues: “Our selection of hyperMILL® is justified in the results from the first couple of jobs we did with the package. One of our first hyperMILL® jobs was to produce a trophy for the ‘Best-in-Britain’ Hot-Rod competition. The complicated trophy had a programming time of 4 days with a machining time of 29 hours with our previous CAM suite. With hyperMILL® the programming times were slashed to 2 hours 30 minutes and just 9 hours for the machining using the same tools.”

The Difference with hyperMILL®

For BRG the simplicity, safety and ease of use is built into almost every feature of hyperMILL®, as Ben continues: “Our previous system and many other 3-axis CAM packages are 32-bit operating systems that are slow to calculate and process information. hyperMILL® is a 64-bit system that churns through the data at lightning speed to reduce idle times and speed up programming times by at least 80% compared to our previous package.”

Safety is a critical factor for BRG and the collision detection on hyperMILL® is faultless, as Ben mentions: “The hyperMILL® collision detection is unparalleled and this is underpinned by the comprehensive tool database system that allows us to put the tool holder, collets and the drills or end mills into the database. This gives us a complete picture of our set-up and the tool overhang, which works in conjunction with the collision detection feature to give us complete confidence that we won’t crash our machines.”


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