CAM System Suitable for Intelligent Automation

The Wolpert Group operates in the automotive sector. It directly supplies both tier one and OEM firms. The success of the company is not only due to the purchasing of the best possible machines, means of production and software packages, but also to making the best possible use of these assets.

Many globally active customers have remained loyal to the Wolpert Group for years. One reason for this is its corporate philosophy, which can be summarised as follows: ‘Adherence to schedules, precision and competitive prices’. The success of the company, which is based in the German town of Bretzfeld, Swabia, is not only due to the fact that it purchases the best possible machines, means of production and software packages; it also utilises these assets in the best possible way. This means that processes in production as well as in the CAM department and in construction are multilayered. Naturally, this “forward-looking strategy” must have a CAM system to match.

“We want a CAM system that really exploits the abilities of modern 5-axis machining centres.”

Andreas Wurzer, Head of the CAM department

Searching the CAM market for new options

For some time, the existing CAM system had not been well-suited to the current production process. For that reason, a project team began searching the market for new options that would meet the company’s requirements. The selected systems were then intensively tested against benchmarks, right down to the last detail. In the end, hyperMILL® emerged as the winner. “The other companies in the Group, some of which also carried out tests independently of Wolpert AG, also came to the same conclusion,” says Thilo Hofmann, COO of ‘Wolpert Modell- und Formenbau AG’. “The decision in favour of hyperMILL® was influenced in no small part by the fact that the software allows NC programming to be automated using features, macros, jobs and job lists, etc. And it does so in such a flexible manner that we benefit from this even though we normally manufacture as few as one to three units,” explains Andreas Wurzer, Head of the CAM department.

Close contact with the application technicians

Since then, nine systems have been installed, which could optionally be expanded to include more than 20 workstations. “Things are going very well with OPEN MIND. We are in close contact with the application technicians, who always react swiftly to our requests,” says Andreas Wurzer, full of praise for the company. Thilo Hofmann reinforces this statement: “We have already carried out some initial evaluations of the hyperMILL® application. These tests showed that we are 15 percent more effective now with regard to the ratio of milling hours to programming hours.”


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