Watches and Jewellery

CAM systems have become indispensable to the watch and jewellery industry. They are used to manufacture microparts (within the scope of micro-mechanics) as well as intricate pieces of jewelry. They allow manufacturing companies to benefit from many advantages, such as high levels of flexibility and process reliability.

For manufacturing companies, producing delicate precision pieces for premium watches or jewellery is not an easy task. This calls for many microscopically small milling parts produced in large series at a consistently high level of quality. That is why NC programmers from the watch and jewellery industry place specific requirements on their CAM systems: They need maximum precision, excellent surface quality, and the best possible process reliability.

Industry Challenges

  • Reduce machining times: through innovative HSC and HPC strategies for roughing and finishing
  • Reduce programming times: through automated NC programming for pockets and holes thanks to feature and macro technology
  • Maximum process reliability: thanks to collision-checked toolpaths and reliable simulation technology
  • Optimal surface quality: blending strategies minimise additional finishing processes

Precise and reliable like a premium clock

When it comes to clockwork components made from platinum, steel, brass, titanium or other premium materials, hyperMILL® makes it possible for NC programmers to produce precision parts in an efficient, accurate and reliable way. Highly developed 5-axis machining strategies make it possible to manufacture complex free-form surfaces as well as time-consuming engravings in just a single process. The result: impressive milling results with outstanding surfaces that significantly reduce the effort required for time-consuming additional finishing processes.

CAM Strategies for Industry-specific Components


Feature and macro technology

The feature recognition in hyperMILL® makes it possible to identify the constructive properties of a component; for example, all holes including the corresponding manufacturing information.
Predefined programming macros use this information and thereby enable automated programming of the machining operations.

5-axis Machining5-axis Machining

5-axis drilling

The 5-axis drilling function allows drilling jobs with different tool angles to be programmed simply and quickly. All the necessary positions are independently calculated by this milling strategy, and all lead-in points are connected with one another in a path-optimised and collision-checked way.

5-axis curve machining

5-axis curve machining enables efficient, secure manufacturing of engravings and chasings. Short clamped tools can be used directly on steep walls without collisions.

5-axis swarf cutting

Wide spaces between paths used in 5-axis swarf cutting reduce milling time and improve the workpiece surface. Defined stop and milling surfaces as well as stock tracking make it possible to easily and precisely optimise machining operations.

Time is a scarce commodity

For watchmakers, time is, naturally, a particularly important factor. Optimised processes are the best means of saving time. hyperMILL® offers many solutions to develop efficient processes. Feature and macro technology as well as custom automation make it possible to save precious programming time. Powerful simulation solutions can minimise set-up times. Moreover, reducing the amount of follow-up work also always means shorter machining times and therefore reduced costs.


Advantages at a Glance

  • Complete machining: All machining strategies are integrated in a single user interface
  • High degree of automation: from feature and macro technology through to fully automated NC programming
  • High process reliability: perfect milling paths as well as reliable simulation and collision avoidance
  • Easy to program: intuitive and supported by automated functions
  • High-end postprocessors: optimally tailored to the customer’s requirements



5-axis Machining5-axis Machining

5-axis Machining: Tiara | Oyama Engineering

This video shows the machining of a tiara in cooperation with Oyama Engineering. This part represents superb surface quality, smallest details and highest precision.