OPEN MIND embodies the values of dedication, innovation, and dependability.

We want to build on what is already possible and redefine success. It’s our employees who make the difference at OPEN MIND. Our employees are proud members of the OPEN MIND community.

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Carina Appelhans
Head of Human Resources Department
Phone: +49 8153 933-629

If you don’t see your profession as just a job and want to directly contribute to our success, and striving for perfection is your goal, then we can offer you the right environment to exploit your potential. OPEN MIND has a highly attractive company culture that makes it the ideal place to actively contribute to a company, enabling you to grow along with it. This is because we think that growth should be based on a symbiotic relationship between the employee and the company. That’s why OPEN MIND invests in its employees’ futures: That means an in-depth onboarding process, tailor-made training and further education plans that will focus on building upon your strengths.

Our company has locations around the world and we offer opportunities to ambitious talent across the globe. All these reasons and more speak in favor of why you should join the OPEN MIND team, one of the best CAM companies in the world.

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Application Engineer

United Kingdom

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Company Profile

OPEN MIND designs optimized CAM solutions that include a high number of innovative features not available elsewhere to deliver significantly higher performance in both programming and machining. Strategies such as 2D, 3D as well as 5-axis milling/mill turning, and machining operations like HSC and HPC are efficiently built into the hyperMILL® CAM system. hyperMILL® provides the maximum possible benefits to customers thanks to its full compatibility with all current CAD solutions and extensive programming automation. OPEN MIND strives to be the best and most innovative CAM/CAD manufacturer in the world, helping it become one of the top five* in the CAM industry.

*according to the NC Market Analysis Report 2022 compiled by CIMdata

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