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Supplying World Class manufacturing companies and building a reputation for delivery and quality requires an ability to stay abreast of modern technology. This is something that Flexible Machining Systems Limited (FMS) of Horsham has demonstrated with its recent acquisition of two seats of hyperMILL® CAM software.

Dedicated to precision manufacturing for the aerospace, medical and blue chip industry sectors, FMS has invested heavily in machine tools with 10 Mazak turning & machining centres being installed within the last six years. It is the latest addition, a 5-axis VariAxis 730 vertical machining centre that prompted the acquisition of hyperMILL®. Bought for the increasing complexity of components, the 5-axis VariAxis has proven to be a major investment for FMS and with productivity and collision avoidance a necessity, the company immediately turned to hyperMILL®.

“In essence, hyperMILL® is destined to be one of the most exciting investments the company has made in improving our 5-axis operations.“

Peter Smith, Technical Support Manager


Exceptional collision avoidance

Technical Support Manager at FMS Ltd Peter Smith comments: “We strenuously reviewed 3 or 4 market leading packages and the hyperMILL® package was the best fit solution for our needs. What immediately struck us was the compatibility with our SOLIDWORKS CAD package.” “We have found limitations to our CAM software and transferring to hyperMILL® will considerably improve our productivity as well as reduce our programming times. The hyperMILL® has exceptional collision avoidance and this is a necessity with our sizable investment in machine tools,” continues Mr Smith. “We have a very high level of confidence in OPEN MIND, the hyperMILL® system and the UK support team. OPEN MIND convinced us that they had the right package and with their professional attitude and ability to cater to our exacting needs, we knew we found the right package for our needs,” concludes Mr Smith.



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Flexible Machining Systems Ltd

Horsham, UK

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