hyperCAD®-S CAD soft­ware

The Version 2022.1 of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration also once again features many high­lights and numerous new features. Efficiency improvements in the area of electrode manufacturing are another high­light, with even more convenient, faster programming for the user.


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Version 2022.1.

CAM software hyperMILL®.


Use of CAD Parameters in hyperMILL®

Generated hyperCAD®-S parameters in the parameter list can be made available to hyperMILL® by means of check­boxes. Thus all parameters from hyperCAD®-S can also be associatively used as hyperMILL® variables for the transfer of calculations or values.

Benefit: Associativity of CAD and CAM.

Electrode – Change Eroding Path

The path in the eroding process can now be controlled by the user. Movement sequences can be simulated with the hyperMILL® SIMULATION Center and checked for collisions. Three different modes are available to the user for creating the traverse paths:

  • “3 Points”
    The traverse path can be subsequently changed by specifying three points. The safety position and start position can be changed.
  • “Blind”
    A blind eroding path can be specified through the definition of a line contour. The rotation of the e­lec­tro­des can be specified as well. For the return path, the eroding path is automatically inverted according to the selected contour and appended. Poorly accessible undercuts can also be eroded as a result.
  • “Continuous”
    The continuous eroding path for machining can be controlled using a line contour. It also includes the ro­ta­tion positions of the electrodes. Exact eroding according to the existing component conditions along a contour is there­fore possible.

All three options can be simulated and checked for collisions with the hyperMILL® SIMULATION Center.

Benefit: Setup and modification of eroding paths with simulation of the EDM process.

hyperMILL® CAM software

New features in Version 2022.1

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