hyperCAD®-S CAD software:
What’s new in 2021.2?

The Version 2021.2 of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration also once again features many highlights and numerous new features. hyperCAD®-S offers new functions for electrode production.


CAM software: hyperMILL Version 2021.2 | Download

hyperMILL®. Version 2021.2.

What's new in 2021.2?

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New import formats

The new hyperCAD®-S version offers three additional formats for file imports. SAT as standard ACIS text and OBJ and 3MF for importing mesh data. These file types can therefore be imported directly into hyperCAD®-S.

Benefit: More flexibility when importing data.

hyperCAD®-S Electrode Converter

The hyperCAD®-S Electrode Converter can be used to create import files for EDM machines. The converter generates a corresponding import file for a specific EDM machine based on the XML file newly implemented in the Electrode module. The generated file can be loaded directly into the machine, and all necessary technology parameters, such as project data, reference position, spark gap, orbit, material, and electrode type are included. The converter supports single electrodes, as well as rotational and virtual electrodes.

The intuitive and clear operation guarantees fast and safe process transfer to EDM machines. The following manufacturers and software products are supported with the delivery of version 2021.2:

  • Exeron – Exoprog
  • Zimmer & Kreim – Alphamoduli
  • OPS-INGERSOLL – PowerSpark Editor and Multiprog

Benefit: Optimal process support for EDM machines.

hyperMILL® CAM software

New features in Version 2021.2