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What’s New in 2018.1?

The 2018.1 Version of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration features many highlights and numerous new features. The hyperCAD®-S Electrode module extends the workflow to the Die-sinking EDM.

More Highlights: Chain selection, Global fitting, Parameter list, Consistency in the electrode process, Rotational electrode.


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hyperMILL®. Version 2018.1.

What's new in 2018.1?

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Chain selection

The new ‘Shortest way’ mode automatically looks for the direct route between two selected edges. This makes it possible to quickly select logically running boundaries on the model. The user can influence the course of the chain using the ‘User driven’ option.

Benefit: User-friendly. Reduces programming times

Global fitting

This new function allows multiple faces to be joined into one face with a defined ISO orientation. This provides the user with a uniform basic orientation for all face patches for the purpose of programming in hyperMILL®. Trimmed analytical faces can also be joined to form a face.

Benefit: Fast creation of a single face for NC programming.

Parameter list

The new parameter list is used to manage variables centrally and assign values to the variables. These values may be defined on the basis of mathematical conditions, functions and constants. Users can now use these variables to control the positioning of clamps. The variables can also be displayed in a text field.

Benefit: Simplified definition of clamp positioning.

hyperCAD®-S Electrode

Consistency in the electrode process

Thanks to the new interface and integration for CERTA Systems, a continuous process chain is provided for electrode manufacturing in hyperCAD®-S and hyperMILL®.

  • Q-Measure: The integration of Q-Measure in hyperCAD®-S allows the user to create measuring points and tolerances for measuring machines directly in their familiar hyperCAD®-S environment. All relevant measuring points can be defined quickly and easily in hyperCAD®-S. The electrode is identified on the measuring machine, the program is generated automatically and the measurement is started. Should any deviations occur in the target/actual comparison when measuring, the necessary process steps are initiated automatically.
  • CERTA Systems Job Manager: The technology data from the hyperCAD®-S Electrode module is transferred to the CERTA Systems Job Manager via the report function. The Job Manager automatically generates EDM programs and transfers them to the eroding machine.

Benefit: Automation of electrode manufacturing.

Rotational electrode

Allows the circular placement of multiple electrode geometries with different spark gaps on a holder. The angle, direction and distance can be specified. The various geometries are automatically checked for collisions when they are placed.

Benefit: Time savings during milling and eroding.

hyperMILL® CAM software

New features in Version 2018.1