Best quality blow mold manufacturing with hyperMILL®

Excellent high-gloss surfaces and flawless transitions in all details are important quality features of blow molds. A good CAM solution supports you to meet the high requirements.

hyperMILL® has been setting standards in the mold making industry for over 25 years and also offers a complete solution for blow mold manufacturing. From automation processes to data import to efficient programming to NC-Code simulation. Regardless of whether it is molds for the beverage and food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or household goods industries – with hyperMILL® you always have the right solution to fully meet the high requirements. Thanks to customer-oriented development and close collaboration with well-known machine tool and cutter manufacturers, we ensure that hyperMILL® can continue to improve your processes in the future.

Specially developed CAM strategies such as 5-axis radial machining and other innovative technologies make hyperMILL® the best choice for blow mold production. This way you are always one step ahead in the demanding competition of modern industry.


hyperCAD®-S: Own CAD platformhyperCAD®-S: Own CAD platform
  • Interfaces to all relevant CAD systems
  • Comprehensive analysis tools
  • Intuitive design functions
  • “CAD for CAM” functions (Closing holes, Extending surfaces…)
  • Seamlessly integrated with CAM environment
  • Possibilities for documentation and creation of drawings
Efficient roughing strategiesEfficient roughing strategies
  • Fast, stock based toolpath calculation
  • Efficient rest material roughing
  • Modern roughing strategies like HPC, HFC and more
Precise rest material finishingPrecise rest material finishing
  • Efficient contour parallel toolpaths
  • Short machining times
  • Available as a 3D or 5-axis strategy
Specially developed finishing strategy: Radial MachiningSpecially developed finishing strategy: Radial Machining
  • Radial projection method
  • Precise calculation on the CAD surfaces
  • Very short calculation time
  • Constant 3D path infeed
  • Smooth overlap for perfect transitions
  • Intelligent inclination options
Safe and reliable NC-Code SimulationSafe and reliable NC-Code Simulation
  • Simulation of real NC-Codes
  • Analysis functions for toolpaths
  • Automatic NC-Code optimization
  • hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining
Unique Automation possibilitiesUnique Automation possibilities
  • CAD function automation
  • CAM function automation
  • User-controlled and interactive automation
  • Code programming skills are not required
  • Up to completely automated CAD/CAM processes


  • Powerful CAD Platform
  • Efficient Roughing Strategies


  • Precise Finishing Strategies
  • Real NC-Code Simulation


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Blow Molding. hyperMILL® MOLD&DIE Solutions.

Complete CAM Solution for Efficient Blow Mold Machining

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