Program Turbine Blades and Mill Them Reliably and Effectively

5-axis CAM Software: The Blade package from OPEN MIND provides optimized milling strategies for complete machining.

The Blade package provides automation features to generate simple machining definitions and incredibly short programming times. This includes the rolling ball function for milling transition radii, the best fit function for automatically setting the optimal start position for the finishing cycle and the automatic lead angle correction function for collision avoidance of the tool face with concave surfaces.


Turbine blade | 5-axis CAM software | Download

Turbine blade. hyperMILL® 5AXIS.

Turbine blade milling – Complete from top to bottom.

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3D arbitrary stock roughing

On the basis of freely definable stock, blades are machined from various directions.

5-axis blade top milling

This strategy is used for finishing blade surfaces. It is possible to generate spiral toolpaths as either 5-axis or 4-axis simultaneous machining operations using ball-end or bull-nose cutting tools.

5-axis blade swarf cutting

This strategy is used for the machining of platform surfaces. Swarf cutting can also be used to machine the transitions between the blade and the platform surfaces that cannot be machined using 5-axis Top Milling.

5-axis blade fillet milling

This function optimizes finishing at the transition between the blade and the platform surfaces at the tip or root.

Additional cycles for platform machining

A series of 2.5D and 3D strategies are available for machining the blade platform and root sections.

5-axis Machining: Turbine Blade

This video shows a machining example of a turbine blade on a GROB G550 machine programmed with hyperMILL®.