Automated NC Program Generation

Manufacturers are already accelerating their processes and throughput by using hyperMILL® to automate NC programming.

Parts with similar geometries such as component families and variants, recurring shape elements, features like holes or pockets, and repetitive processes provide an ideal opportunity to implement automated CAM programming. hyperMILL® automation technology helps to reduce programming times, standardize processes, eliminate human error and improve overall throughput.

CAM programmers are provided with a toolbox full of closely interlinked technologies to automate individual or complex processes. This makes it easy to define and adhere to manufacturing standards. Strategies that prove successful can be turned into best practice operations. Furthermore, valuable programming expertise can be retained with less experienced employees providing the opportunity to achieve optimal CAM programming results.

The various technologies can be used individually or managed centrally using the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center. Extensive process automation for efficient programming and production is easy to implement at any time.

macro technologyfeature technologyautomation centertool database

CAD/CAM automation can make an significant contribution to improving competitiveness, productivity and process security.

Hagen Rühlich, Technical Director at OPEN MIND Technologies AG

Shorter programming times

Reliable and fast recognition of machining features

Manufacturing knowledge stored in macros

Partially or fully automated processes

Tool for Successful Automation

The feature and macro technology in hyperMILL® allows programming knowledge to be saved for reuse at a later date. Geometry information from the CAD model is automatically applied during CAM programming. In addition to standard features such as holes and pockets, almost any geometry information can be processed. For example, it is possible to combine geometries into a Customized Process Feature (CPF) by using colors, shapes or layer names. The manufacturing knowledge required to process the recognized features is stored in the macros and can be called up automatically.

A tool database provides extensive technology data, allowing users to select the right tool with the right machining values for each machining operation. Thanks to VIRTUAL Tool, hyperMILL® can now autonomously select tools. The software automatically chooses the most suitable tool for the respective machining process.

Today, many companies around the world already rely on automation solutions built with hyperMILL® to reduce the programming times by up to 90 percent.