hyperMILL® CAD/CAM software:
What’s new in 2021.2?

hyperMILL® 2021.2 offers numerous new functions that will simplify and speed up your daily tasks.

Programming with hyperMILL® 2021.2 is getting faster, and the software has also become more user-friendly. One example of this is the convenient and secure display of the referenced geometry data in the individual strategies.

Important enhancements, such as “High precision surface mode” and “Smooth overlap,” ensure an even more versatile application of our 3-axis and 5-axis strategies.
Thanks to the BEST FIT highlight, hyperMILL® enables component alignment at the touch of a button. A new method guarantees highly efficient and safe movements for machining centers with a machine tunnel.


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hyperMILL®. Version 2021.2.

What's new in 2021.2?

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Advanced visualization options

New functions in hyperMILL® ensure a better overview during CAM programming.

Automatic stock display
The stock can now be displayed automatically for any machining job. This means that, if required, the used stock can become immediately visible when a job is selected. This visualization option can be activated or deactivated at any time in the shortcut menu or by double-clicking the light bulb symbol.

Preview of selected entities
The entities used in a job, such as curves, faces, or points, are highlighted in hyperMILL® when this job is selected. The visualization option can be activated or deactivated at any time using the “Q” shortcut.

Info: The preview of selected entities is only available in hyperCAD®-S.

Benefit: Improved clarity.

3D Z-level Shape Finishing

Several innovations help to improve machining.

Optimized sorting of toolpaths
The reduced number of retractions ensures more homogeneous toolpaths

Smooth overlap at boundary
The toolpaths overlap beyond the boundary, allowing transition-free machining

Free tool geometry
A free tool geometry can now be used for the calculation and simulation of the toolpaths

Trim toolpath to stock
This option allows toolpaths to now be trimmed to the stock, and unnecessary toolpaths are avoided

Benefit: Increased machining quality.

Optimizer: G1 movement optimization

The Optimizer detects violations of the axis limitations and then optimizes the movement sequences. To do this, it can break G1 toolpaths, find a new solution within the axis limits, and continue machining. Here, the approach and retract movements are smoothly linked to the toolpaths and are collision-checked. The function automatically optimizes the NC programs, and ensures that there is not an axis overtravel.

Benefit: Simplified programming through automatic solution generation and increased process reliability.

Optimized tunnel logic

On machines where the tool can be retracted into a tunnel, there is now the option of using a special approach and retract strategy. In the job list, the “Optimized tunnel logic” option is selected under NC safety. To join movements with safety logic, the tool is retracted into the machine tunnel and the workpiece is repositioned over four axes.

Benefit: More efficient machining.

Weave mode

To apply material to contours or fill areas, there is now the “Weave” mode that can be used to generate a toolpath in a waveshaped or zigzag movement. This allows the application area to be widened and the application thickness to be increased for the individual application movement. The continuous application also improves the metallurgical properties of the added material. This option can be used for 2D, 3D, and 5-axis deposition.

Benefit: More efficient deposition and improved process and material properties.

hyperMILL® BEST FIT – Intelligent Component Alignment at the Touch of a Button

Thanks to hyperMILL® BEST FIT, the uncertainties relating to this critical interface are eliminated at the touch of a button. You will have no more surprises, such as unmachined areas with small allowances, when you open the machine doors after machining. With hyperMILL® BEST FIT, the process is safe, precise, and plannable.

Real-time alignment in CAM
The unaligned component is probed on the machine using 3D probing, and these probing points are sent back to the CAM in the form of a measuring report. hyperMILL® BEST FIT then adjusts the NC code exactly to the actual component position. So the virtual world (programming) is adapted to the real world (clamping), and not the other way around!

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