“Absolutely, We Can Do That Part!”

Interview with Scott Saunders, President of ASTec Metalworks Inc., Baltimore MD.

You opened your machine shop in the 2009. What motivated you to start a new company in such a difficult economy?

We were following a long term business plan that predated the recession. It turns out that the recession provided a perfect time to start a new business. Without question, the market conditions have presented opportunities for successful growth. The unprepared were the companies that had not kept up with technology and they have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. Our opportunity was the result. Everyone was worried about a bad economy and we have never focused on that. We are “on strike” from the recession and we have kept our focus on the future. We believe that tough times bring opportunity especially since we were able to implement newer technologies that allow us to compete well.

“We chose OPEN MIND because our research indicated it as the absolute top notch caliber software available for 5-axis machining.”

Scott Saunders, President of ASTec Metalworks Inc., Baltimore MD

Why OPEN MIND and hyperMILL® as a partner?

We went to IMTS to visit with CAM companies. We spoke with any available source regarding their tools and software to acquire first hand feedback. We later held specific meetings to further interview each software supplier, and then we touched base with users for specific references. We chose OPEN MIND because our research indicated it as the absolute top notch caliber software available for 5-axis machining. As a business owner, I wanted to be able to run simultaneous 5-axis projects immediately after we got the machine and the software but I was realistic enough to understand that would not happen overnight.

However, it is happening! Only four months into our process, we proved out the majority of the capabilities on the shop floor. That is just phenomenal. My machinist now tells me, “Absolutely, we can do that part!” It is so rewarding and reassuring to see his progress at such an early stage. As a team, we are completely satisfied with our choice of hyperMILL®.


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