Gianoplast 5-axis Machining at Sea

A high-class instrument panel created as a result of the synergy between the skills of a Mold-maker and the advanced performance levels of CAM software.

When making Molds for large-sized and high-precision parts the use of CAM software is inevitable. In the case of style components, like those earmarked for the marine industry, where the design of the shapes includes sophisticated geometries and high quality surfaces, it is indispensable to choose an advanced performance CAM, that is able to help the user with adequate processing and machining strategies in complete safety. To make an instrument panel for an innovative yacht from the Wider shipyard, Gianoplast made full use of the powerful tools found in hyperMILL®, CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies which can be used to programme the complete process, also for more complex parts, using just one CAM program.

“As always. The decision to use hyperMILL® provided the right strategies to solve all the processing problems.”

Claudio Fioroni

hyperMILL® MAXX Machining module for high-performance roughing

“As a result of working very well with hyperMILL® over many years we decided set up a sort of alliance with OPEN MIND which ended up with us also buying the latest hyperMILL® MAXX Machining module for high-performance roughing. We mainly supply large-sized parts and the use of hyperMILL® MAXX Machining prevents any downtime, so considerably speeding up the production processes: an important factor if you want to remain competitive on the market,” pointed out Claudio Fioroni, the owner, along with Antonio Baroni, of Gianoplast.

“Furthermore, given the high level of reliability of this collision check function, with the exception of certain processes carried out at the limit of feasibility, the milling machine can operate unmanned with a big advantage in terms of time-saving. Before going home at night, we load the workpiece and set the process in motion and, in the morning, when we turn up for work, we find the finished product,” concluded Mr. Fioroni.


Customer Story

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