Production Machining

Production Machining is a key machining style that is applied to extremely wide range of products. This means CAM solutions have to be highly flexible to efficiently mill different components.

Production machining covers mass-produced components, part family applications and other sub-components used in complex mechanical assemblies. These components may be machined from solid stock, or machining may be used to finish castings and near-net forgings. Companies operating in this demanding sector face a variety of challenges. These include the need to achieve high standards in terms of component and machining quality as well as constantly reduce programming, setup, and processing times. For companies to remain competitive, they need to be able to efficiently produce high-quality components.

Industry Challenges

  • Shorten setup times: multiple operations can be simplified using 5-axis and mill turning technologies
  • Reduce programming times: thanks to automation made possible by feature and macro technology with holes and pockets
  • Cut machining times: using innovative HSC and HPC strategies for roughing and finishing
  • Increase process reliability: through collision-tested toolpaths and reliable simulation technology
  • Improve quality: optimal surfaces help minimize subsequent finishing processes

hyperCAD®-S: CAD for CAM

CAM users in the field of production machining have to process a wide variety of CAD formats quickly and reliably. hyperCAD®-S, the CAD software from OPEN MIND, features a comprehensive interface package to help them master this task. The CAD software imports all of the product manufacturing information contained in the data.
The CAD for CAM solution offers clear advantages: CAM-oriented geometry changes such as the closing of holes as well other analytics and repair functions can be carried out quickly and easily with hyperCAD®-S. Practical filter and selection functions ensure that the NC programmer always has a clear overview even with extremely large components.

CAM Strategies for Industry-specific Components

3D strategies3D strategies

High-feed cutting/high-speed cutting

hyperMILL® offers a large number of functions for HSC and HFC machining. Machining times can be slashed thanks to the use of high feed rate cutters in combination with the ‘adaptive pocket’ function, whereby circular or rectangular pocket geometries are automatically adapted in the area to be machined. In the process, the linear machine movements achieve much higher feed rates.

3D plane level machining

3D plane level machining enables plane surfaces to be machined in different levels with an accompanying collision check. The 3D model is used to automatically detect and machine all plane surfaces using an efficient pocket strategy.

Indexial Multi-Axis MachiningIndexial Multi-Axis Machining

5-axis multi-axis indexing

All 2.5D machining strategies can also be applied for multi-axis indexing with a fixed tool angle. During this process, the machining orientation is defined using the frame. Simple frame definition and management assist the user in programming machining operations with tilted fourth and fifth axes. With transformations in the NC programs, users can easily and conveniently create programs for multiple components clamped within a single plane or in a tombstone fixture, for instance. All traverse movements are checked for collisions and path-optimized


hyperMILL® offers a number of strategies for machining a wide variety of hole types. The ‘5-axis drilling’ function allows drilling jobs with different tool angles to be programmed in a single operation. Tool positions are automatically calculated and the lead-in points to the holes are connected to each other along the optimized path.

hyperMILL® MAXX MachininghyperMILL® MAXX Machining

HPC roughing

Trochoidal toolpaths enable the efficient roughing of pockets and open areas with large material removal rates. The particularly large step-downs and small step-overs ensure tool-friendly roughing with a peeling cut.

Mill turningMill turning

Mill turning

hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining offers a comprehensive strategic package for mill/turn machining for the majority of rotationally symmetrical machine parts and components. All common turning operations as well as special strategies such as rollFEED® Turning and 3-axis simultaneous turning can thereby be freely combined with the milling strategies in a single operating environment.



In-process quality control on the CNC machine tool is an important part of production today. For this reason, hyperMILL® offers probing strategies for part set-up and alignment, and workpiece measurement directly on the machine.

Increased productivity thanks to hyperMILL®

hyperMILL® makes it possible to quickly create NC programs for use in machining a wide variety of workpieces efficiently and precisely. The hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package allows you to save considerable time when roughing and finishing large and small production machining components. For instance, the amount of time required for finishing using a conical barrel cutter can be slashed by up to 90 percent.
In addition to this, multi-axis or complete machining using 5-axis strategies significantly reduces setup times on the machine.
hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining offers a variety of mill/turn strategies for rotationally symmetrical workpieces that deliver maximum precision in a single setup.

Automation made possible by feature and macro technology

The feature and macro technology make it possible to slash programming times. Prismatic components with a large number of holes and pockets can thus be programmed automatically in record time. All fits, threaded holes, and countersinks are detected and taken into account. Stored programming macros can then match proven process workflows to the current geometry.

Advantages at a Glance

  • CAD for CAM: hyperCAD®-S for optimal component analysis and processing
  • Integrated solution for all machining operations: Milling, drilling, and turning all with a single user interface
  • Optimized roughing and finishing strategies: for efficient, tool- and machine-friendly machining, even when handling materials that are difficult to machine
  • High process reliability: thanks to perfect milling paths as well as reliable simulation and collision avoidance
  • Easy to program: intuitive and supported by automated functions
  • High degree of automation: from feature and macro technology through to fully automated programming



hyperMILL® MILL-TURN MachininghyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining

hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining: Workshop Demo Part | Grob

This demo part was made at a hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining workshop on a Grob G350T. The combination of milling and turning strategies offers many advantages like increased productivity and flexibility.

In-process measuringIn-process measuring

CNC Machining: 2.5D-Machining with in-process measuring

In this machining demo we demonstrate 2.5D Machining with in-process measuring. The hyperMILL® probing strategies can be used to measure and adjust tool settings in the machining process to ensure a precise finishing.

hyperMILL® Macro TechnologyhyperMILL® Macro Technology

hyperMILL® Macro Technology: Drilling plate

Did you know that the feature and macro technology of hyperMILL® enables you to program in record time? In this video, all holes are recognized and programmed with just a few clicks.