OPEN MIND Services to Bolster Your Success

At OPEN MIND, we dedicate a great deal of energy to providing outstanding service to our customers. Whether it’s training, consulting, or support, you will benefit from our comprehensive range of services.

Ensure your long-term success with OPEN MIND services. OPEN MIND offers training, consulting and support to help you achieve your goals.

Practice-oriented training courses provide you with the latest knowledge on CAD/CAM so your company can become even more competitive. We stay in close contact with our customers, providing fast, skilled technical support and even providing assistance on the daily use of our software solutions.

Our customer-specific solutions help companies optimize their process workflows and production tasks to boost effiency and long-term competitiveness.


Learn how to program more efficiently. Take advantage of our extensive training courses so that you can use hyperCAD®-S and hyperMILL® in the most productive ways possible.

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Find the right solutions for every project phase. The OPEN MIND consulting team can draw up all-encompassing, tailor-made concepts to guarantee your success.

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Do you have any questions about or need assistance with hyperMILL® or hyperCAD®-S? The OPEN MIND support team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our CAM and CAD solutions.

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