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Holiday Ornament Machining

In partnership with OPEN MIND Technologies, GROB will machine a Christmas tree ornament out of aluminum on our G150 horizontal spindle machine. Starting from solid round stock we will machine and tab off the entire part to complete the process in one single set up.

Expect to see an abundance of 5-axis simultaneous machining from high material removal to finishing. By combining OPEN MIND’s advanced blending techniques and collision avoidance controls, matched with the GROB machine’s unique concept we will achieve good surface quality in hard to reach areas.

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Trending: Toolpaths for Medical Device Manufacturing?

The medical industry is complex and demanding in many ways. In this webinar we ask ourselves what opportunities and potential comes with the right CAM system.

  • How can you benefit from this as a medical device manufacturer or a subcontractor?
  • Do you want to get into the medical industry to expand your business?
  • What can medical manufacturers learn from other industries - and vice versa?

We will show you an excerpt of what hyperMILL® offers to improve your processes and reduce your costs per part.

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Efficient Finishing

Learning from the 5-axis milling experts: In this webinar we will show you how you can achieve time savings up to 90% by using high efficient technologies for your finishing processes!

For one hour, OPEN MIND, EMUGE FRANKEN and Hermle will present state-of the-art finishing solutions. See how you realize optimal surfaces in the shortest possible time with hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance CAM strategies in conjunction with circle segment cutters from EMUGE FRANKEN and high-precision machining centers from Hermle. Learn from the 5-axis pioneers and optimize your production today. We look forward to meeting you!

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Reliable and Efficient Roughing

Learning from the 5-axis milling experts: For one hour, OPEN MIND, EMUGE FRANKEN and Hermle will present innovative high-performance roughing operations.

Experience the perfect interaction of high-performance tools from EMUGE FRANKEN, the highly dynamic machining centers from Hermle and the innovative CAM strategies from OPEN MIND. Roughing as fast as never before: The hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package offers you state-of-the-art CAM strategies for fast material removal with trochoidal toolpaths.

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hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining

A joint event with HEIDENHAIN and OPEN MIND Technologies USA, Inc. at Manufacturing Lunch & Learn.

Manufacturers face increasing challenges due to greater part complexity, quality and delivery demands, and competition. A virtual machining capability extends a strong tool path engine to complete CAM solutions by incorporating kinematics, as well as various constraints and limitations of the machine tool.

hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining provides a perfect synthesis between the virtual and real manufacturing worlds including postprocessing, simulation, collision checking and tool path optimization. The result is reduced risk and increased productivity to programming and machining processes.

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Medical: Inspiration through Innovation (ITI)

Inspiration through Innovation demonstrates the value of collaboration in the pursuit of innovation in precision medical manufacturing.Our precision medical manufacturing customers need to improve productivity, while maintaining product quality, without increasing the size of the shop floor – often within a high-mix, high-volume environment.

Medical ITI 2021 will showcase collaborative solutions to these and other challenges machining orthopaedic parts, complemented by a seminar programme addressing the big issues facing the medical manufacturing segment.
Exploring innovation and flexibility for femoral component manufacture with hyperMILL®: Flexibility is key as we innovate femoral component manufacture - especially while we experience a shift toward milling from grinding due to new material technology, additive manufacturing, and personalisation. By leveraging AM technologies combined with milling processes, we reduce consumption, achieve more complex shapes, and print semi-porous structures and finishes that encourage osseointegration (bone-implant fusion). We invite you to experience the performance of hyperMILL® in this special demonstration.

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Deep Cavity & Gun Drill Machining

This workshop presents a collaboration of GROB Systems, OPEN MIND Technologies and EMUGE for the demonstration of deep cavity and gun drilling applications.

During this event, GROB’s 400mm pallet, horizontal 5-axis machining center, the G350, will demonstrate how difficult deep cavity and gun drilling applications can be made easily with GROB’s unique machine kinematics, OPEN MIND’s state-of-the-art CAM technology, and Emuge’s Circle Segment cutters and FPC milling holders for High-Performance Finishing.

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Hybrid Machining from a CAM Perspective

Sponsored by Okuma
This additive Demo presentations will focus on hyperMILL® as a complete CAD/CAM system and highlight additive/subtractive processes with Okuma Laser EX technology. OPEN MIND will present how to easily overcome common challenges. The tools offered by the software - namely stock tracking, collision control, collision check, machine simulation with material build/removal - can support you in your daily tasks.

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hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced

Are you ready for the next step? Then you've come to the right place! With the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced, you can take advantage of all the benefits of OPEN MIND's automation technology. It allows you to make your own CAD/CAM processes much more efficient.
Regardless of your portfolio and whether you are dealing with holes, pockets or 3D geometries, or whether you use 5-axis strategies - with hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Advanced you can automate all machining strategies available to you in hyperMILL®. To create a successful automation solution, it takes a savvy hyperMILL® user who knows their processes inside out.

In this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully automate your manufacturing.

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hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Customer Solution

Do you anticipate a programming volume that you cannot handle with your CAD/CAM system and without automated processes?
Or do you need to increase the efficiency of your CAD/CAM programming in order to remain competitive in the future?

With turn-key automation solutions, OPEN MIND offers exactly the right tool to modernize programming processes and establish new, more profitable processes and technologies.

In this webinar, you will learn by means of a practical example how you too can implement a turnkey automation solution together with OPEN MIND.

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Machining of a Knee Prosthesis

In this workshop, GROB Systems, in partnership with Walter Tools and OPEN MIND, will demonstrate the machining of a knee prosthesis from a stainless steel blank.
During this demo, GROB’s newest universal 5-axis machining center, the G150, will mill a knee joint using Walter’s tooling and OPEN MIND's hyperMILL® CAM software.

Watch and see how GROB’s unique machine design, in combination with Walter’s tools and OPEN MIND's software, allow for precise machining with fine surface finishes, even for the most difficult to reach areas.

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Advanced Machining on a Mill Turn Platform

In Cooperation with Okuma.

In this webinar recording OPEN MIND and Okuma will show a series of milling and turning applications to provide advanced manufacturing solutions using hyperMILL® CAM software and Okuma Multus U3000 platform.

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Holiday Workshop – Advanced Machining

In Cooperation with GROB

In collaboration with OPEN MIND Technologies, GROB had machined Santa’s sleigh out of aluminum on a G350 horizontal machining center. Watch as two technologies come together to create an intricate and complex part in one setup.

Expect to see 5-axis machining utilizing advanced techniques such as using barrel cutters for high quality finished surfaces. Other features of the sleigh will be machined with hyperMILL®’s high precision mode (to surface, not to mesh) and smooth overlap blending techniques. Some details will utilize endmills that reach up to 5 times their diameter.

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hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center Basic

Take the first step towards process automation! Have you ever wondered how you can optimize your machining workflow without sacrificing programming efficiency? Then our webinar is the right place for you! We will show you how you can automate your manufacturing process through standardization, even with the basic version of hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center, at no additional cost. Standardization in the CAD/CAM environment means that your proven and already optimized manufacturing strategies can be reused throughout the company. This ensures that all CAD/CAM programmers achieve a consistently good result, there are no unnecessary sources of error.
In this webinar, you will learn how to standardize and automate simple processes so that they can be used for more complex processes in the future.

Start optimizing and standardizing your processes too and get the most out of your process time!

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Single Blade Machining

In Cooperation with GROB, Seco Tools.

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Advanced IBR / Blisk Machining

In Cooperation with GROB, YG-1.

Aero-engine rotating components provide challenges due to cutting titanium or other high-temperature alloys and have complex geometries with high quality requirements. Innovative machining processes include 3-axis simultaneous turning to prepare the blank, high performance roughing to efficiently remove material between blades, and blade finishing techniques with conical barrel cutters that achieve a high surface finish with large step-over.

Machining of a 450 mm diameter IBR / blisk: YG-1 will provide tooling for hard-to-machine metals. hyperMILL® tool paths and an integrated postprocessor for both turning and milling will be utilized. And GROB’s G350T 5-axis mill-turn machine solution will implement the tooling and software to give exacting control for the challenging aerospace geometries.

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hyperMILL® ADDITIVE Manufacturing

You are manufacturing or are interested to manufacture parts using a Direct-Energy-Deposition process? You are searching for an innovative solution capable to support you in the programing task?

Thanks to 25 years of experience to generate toolpath for high performance machine tools, hyperMILL® offers now an innovative Additive manufacturing solution capable in 2D, 3D and 5-axis. This webinar will show you how Additive Manufacturing can be applied for coating, repair, adding features to an existing part or to build from scratch.

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hyperMILL® High-Precision Machining

In this webinar we show you how you can optimise your finishing operations with High-Precision Machining. The results are high quality surfaces and flawless transitions between the different milling areas.

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5-Axis Advanced Workshop

In Cooperation with GROB, Heidenhain, Fraisa.

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Advanced hyperMILL® Turning Features

You have heard about our advanced milling strategies, join us to learn about hyperMILL® MILL-TURN solutions to provide a single solution for your shop floor.

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