How Do I Get a Licence for an OPEN MIND Product?

General questionsGeneral questions

1. What is an activation code?

You can use an activation code to license an OPEN MIND product (such as hyperMILL®). The licenses are written to the dongle during activation.

If you do not yet have an activation code, please request one by sending an e-mail

The activation code is valid for all further hyperMILL® versions.

2. How do I activate my hyperMILL®?

Launch the License Manager as administrator (right click > Run as Administrator) to see the full range of functions. These include the Dongle/Server, Activation Code and Options tabs. You can use the License Manager to access the license status without administrator privileges.

Network licencesNetwork licences

1. Which port do I have to enable in my firewall?

The license server uses a specific IP port for communication with your PC and your network. The default IP port is 22350 and should not be blocked by your firewall. Make sure your firewall allows communication on this IP port, enabling IP port 22350 to be used freely.

2. When should I specify a dedicated licence server?

Specifying a dedicated license server is generally not necessary.hyperMILL® automatically searches for an OPEN MIND license server. However, if a license server is not automatically detected, go to the Options tab to explicitly specify a license server. Simply enter the name or IP address of the license server.

3. When should I select a base product in the Licence Manager?

For the sake of simplicity, the hyperMILL® CLASSIC, EXPERT and 2D configurations were combined into one single license each. Example (CLASSIC): This package contains the Arbitrary Stock Roughing, Z-level Finishing and Profile Finishing cycles, among others. It is not possible to release profile finishing and make it available at another workstation. Packages may only be released in full and hyperMILL® must always be closed beforehand.

4. Does the license need the Microsoft .NET Framework?

The hyperMILL® License Manager requires a current .NET version. Please update your system if you do not have the latest version.