The most important questions concerning hyperCAD®-S and associated sales and support.

Technical questions

Can you provide information on the CAD kernel and operating system?
The CAD kernel of hyperCAD®-S is developed by OPEN MIND. The hyperCAD®-S CAD software is only available as a 64-bit application on computers with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10 operating system.

Can hyperCAD® data be used in hyperCAD®-S?
hyperCAD®-S has a hyperCAD® interface for this purpose: All CAD data as well as entity properties, such as layer or colours and all CAM data, such as the job list can be imported.

Please note that hyperCAD® 2009.3 only works with Windows 7 and is not compatible with Windows 8 or Windows 10. This means files in the old e3 format cannot be opened with Windows 10. Files in the old e3 format must first be converted into the new hmc format in order to be able to use them in future with Windows 10. A Windows 7 computer with executable installations of hyperCAD®-S and hyperCAD® 2009.3 is required for this.

OPEN MIND has developed a batch converter to make it easier to convert large files. If you are interested in this converter, please contact your local OPEN MIND Support.

What interfaces does hyperCAD®-S offer?
hyperCAD®-S was designed as an open software system. This is why the CAD system from OPEN MIND comes with an extensive package of interfaces.

Learn More about CAD Interfaces

To receive fast and detailed information, please contact your local OPEN MIND Support.

Is the SpaceMouse supported?
hyperCAD®-S supports the SpaceMouse from 3Dconnexion.

Questions about sales and support

How do I obtain hyperCAD®-S?
Are you interested in hyperCAD®-S? If so, please contact your sales partner.

Is training required to use hyperCAD®-S?
Yes, training is required to work with hyperCAD®-S. Are you interested in training? If so, please contact your sales partner.

What are the software/hardware requirements for hyperCAD®-S?
The requirements are similar to those for hyperMILL®. Please refer to the OPEN MIND support website.

How is hyperCAD®-S licensed?
Please see the detailed information provided with the FAQ information on our support web page.

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