hyperCAD®-S CAD software:
    What’s new in 2017.1?

    The CAD integration hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S once again features many new highlights like Selection functions, Draft analysis and Curvature analysis.

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    hyperMILL®. Version 2017.1.

    What's new in 2017.1?
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    Selection functions

    Selection functions | hyperCAD-S 2017.1
    Selection functions | hyperCAD-S 2017.1

    Two new functions and an optimisation are available for selecting CAD elements.

    • Circular selection: a new selection tool for selecting circular CAD elements
    • Segment selection: This new selection tool makes it possible to select CAD elements in segment areas.
    • Limited faces: This command allows a selected chain to be used as a boundary.

    Benefit: User-friendly.

    Draft analysis

    Draft analysis | hyperCAD-S 2017.1

    New functions are available for draft analysis. Information on angles can be displayed as a tooltip. By setting a boundary for the draft angle, a curve can be extracted for limiting the milling area.
    Benefit: Fast analysis of milling areas and support for creating milling areas.

    Curvature analysis

    Curvature analysis | hyperCAD-S 2017.1

    Curvature analysis is a new function that includes four options.

    • Mean curvature
    • Gaussian curvature
    • Minimum radius of curvature
    • Absolute minimum radius of curvature

    In addition, the curvature information is displayed as a tooltip and a curve can be extracted from a delimited area.
    Benefit: Fast analysis of radii sizes.