hyperCAD®-S Electrode: electrode manufacturing for die-sinking EDM

    hyperCAD®-S Electrode – the module for manufacturing electrodes easily and safely covering design and CAM programming stages, and output sent to NC milling machines.

    modul Electrode | hyperCAD-S

    Die sinking processes are used for sharp-edged and difficult-to-mill component areas. The suitable electrodes need to be designed first, then programmed and then finally milled. The hyperCAD®-S Electrode module significantly reduces the amount of work involved in both the design and CAM programming stage.

    Designing an electrode in just a few short steps

    The Electrode module largely automates the design process in the hyperCAD®-S CAD software. The NC programmer selects the faces to be eroded on the component geometry and the hyperCAD®-S Electrode module generates the corresponding collision-free electrodes including extensions and selection of holders from a library.

    Fast and reliable CAM programming of electrodes for die-sinking EDM

    Geometry and technology information are seamlessly transferred to the hyperMILL® CAM software through a dedicated feature. The CAM system supports the user during electrode programming with a separate dialog window and feature type to avoid errors. The NC programmer can perform the entire process with just a few clicks and without any design knowledge. If machining macros exist, the process can be partially or fully automated.

    Electrode module features

    • Suitable for solid and face models
    • Geometry selection through face and contour selection
    • Automatic extension of electrode geometry
    • Holes in the geometry can be automatically closed
    • Measuring markers for the electrode
    • Automatic colour and layer definition for the individual electrode areas
    • Automatic raw material and holder selection with best fit option for optimal alignment
    • Automatic stock calculation and collision avoidance
    • Electrode reference as chamfer or radius
    • Detailed reports
    • Incorporation of manually created electrode geometries into the automated process
    • Automatic calculation of the minimum rib distance
    • Automatic calculation of the length and adjustment options for the length of useless raw material
    • Fast programming in hyperMILL®:
      All technology data, such as the spark gap, stock size and positional reference, are automatically transferred in hyperMILL®. The programming work can even be further automated using machining macros.

    Electrode module functions

    Colour coding

    Colour coding | function | electrode | hyperCAD-S

    User-specific colour information is automatically applied to the geometry areas of the electrode.

    Geometry extension

    Geometry extension | function | electrode | hyperCAD-S

    Automatic tangential or linear extension of the electrode geometry. Angle extension is also available for stabilisation.

    Production report

    Production report | function | electrode | hyperCAD-S

    A print view with technological information or electrode and raw material reports can be issued for each individual electrode.

    hyperCAD®- S Electrode.

    The new electrode module largely automates the construction process in hyperCAD®-S. Seamless technology and component data transfers in hyperMILL® also ensure fast, reliable programming. The entire process is so highly supported that programmers can carry it out with just a few clicks, without requiring any construction knowledge.