More efficient turning with rollFEED® Turning

    OPEN MIND is offering an exclusive hyperMILL® strategy that is perfect for the rollFEED® Turning method developed by Vandurit. The collaboration between the tool manufacturer and the CAM provider has led to a unique solution for CNC turning. Machining times and tool wear are considerably reduced while retaining maximum process reliability.

    rollfeed turning

    Achieve perfect workpiece contours in the shortest possible time – this approach has enabled Vandurit to develop the innovative rollFEED® Turning method. The highly efficient method makes turning faster than ever before! A characteristic feature of this unique 3-axis turning operation is the rolling of the complete insert contour on rotationally symmetric surfaces. The cutting movement is produced by the horizontal swivelling of the B axis with simultaneous compensation for the X and Z axes. rollFEED® Turning can be used for all standard materials together with the appropriate cutting materials.

    Collision-checked CAM strategy

    OPEN MIND has developed an exclusive CAM strategy for this innovative turning method in collaboration with Vandurit. The hyperMILL® rollFEED® Turning strategy is perfectly adapted to Vandurit’s three rollFEED® Turning components: These include inserts, a tool system and a drive unit that makes it possible to retrofit lathes that do not feature a third axis. The easy-to-program turning operation avoids unnecessary tool changes. This reduces tool usage and variety. The entire turning operation is fully checked for collisions. The complete rollFEED® Turning process is taken into account during programming and simulation, including the geometries of the tool and tool holder plus their movements.

    hyperMILL mill-turn machining
    hyperMILL rollFEED Turning

    Application: grooves with just one tool

    rollFEED® Turning allows grooves to be machined with a single tool in a single movement. The CAM strategy in hyperMILL® automatically guides the tool from the first to the second plane level via the cylinder surface. Thanks to the combination of roll and turn movements, even workpieces with large radii can be machined with collision checking; this makes for full process reliability.

    More videos on the Vandurit website


    • Highly efficient process
    • Perfectly finished surfaces free of twists (if necessary)
    • Simple to program
    • Fewer tool changes
    • Undercuts can be integrated into rolling movement
    • Possible to upgrade existing machines

    Areas of application

    • All materials can be machined
    • All cutting materials can be used
    • For inside and outside machining
    • Diverse applications: for plane levels, cylinder, convex and concave surfaces as well as for inclinations and grooves

    mill-turn: rollfeed | download

    hyperMILL® MILL-TURN Machining

    rollFEED® Turning by Vandurit. Increased efficiency during turning.
    PDF | 1.2 MB | 2017

    hyperMILL® rollFEED Turning | Flyer

    The rollFEED® Turning components

    rollFEED® inserts

    Only two rollFEED® inserts are required for all 3-axis turning operations. This is because their unique geometry makes it possible to cut up to three component sides in a single movement that has been programmed with the hyperMILL® rollFEED® CAM strategy.

    Inserts | rollfeed Turning

    QuickChange tool system

    QuickChange tool system | rollfeed Turning

    The QuickChange tool system is another rollFEED® component. Specially developed base plates are used as supports for the unique rollFEED® inserts.

    rollFEED® drive unit

    With their X, Z and B axes, turn-mill machines have a third axis. For lathes without a third axis, the rollFEED® drive unit is mounted on the turret and used like a driven tool.

    Drive unit | rollfeed Turning