hyperMILL® CAD/CAM software: What’s new in 2017.2?

    Faster, easier and more versatile: hyperMILL® 2017.2!

    One absolute highlight is the new electrode module that can be used to reliably and efficiently manufacture electrodes. There is also a new feature type to quickly detect T-slots in T-slot milling. Meanwhile, an expansion to the 3D-optimised roughing ensures a significant increase in efficiency. And finally, during 5-axis swarf cutting with one curve, it is now easier for hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS users to create programs for swarf cutting operations.

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    hyperMILL®. Version 2017.2.

    What's new in 2017.2?
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    General | T-slot feature and feature recognition

    2.5D T-Slot Feature Recognition

    The new feature type allows T-slots to be quickly and easily recognised in the component. Two types are available for feature recognition: ‘T-slots’ and ‘Pockets with bottom and T-slots’. This feature information is incorporated into the ‘T-slot milling on 3D model’ strategy so that slots can be manufactured in a highly efficient way with just a few clicks.
    Benefit: Simple and fast T-slot recognition and programming.

    3D optimized Roughing

    CAM – 3D strategies | 3D-optimised roughing

    The infeed strategy has been optimised for the ‘Rest material roughing’ machining mode. The optimum infeed value is calculated using the ‘Use infeed optimisation’ option in connection with the ‘Additional chip thickness and depth’ values. The user can adjust the machining to the conditions of the tool. This allows tools with long cutting lengths to be optimally exploited and precisely controlled through the ‘Maximum infeed’ parameter.
    Benefit: Faster machining and more economic exploitation of the tool.

    5-axis Swarf cutting with one edge | Solidworks

    CAM – 5-axis strategies | 5-axis swarf cutting with one curve

    Two new functions ensure greater user-friend­liness for hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS. A perfect face and an equally perfect curve are created automatically for swarf cutting based on selected geometries via a face selection. Automatic filleting for interior corners ensures optimal machining.
    Benefit: User-friendly, fast and easy programming.