Versatile CAM application: ALPINA steps on the gas with hyperMILL®

    ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG creates exclusive automobiles for discerning customers, using BMW models as a basis. The automobile manufacturer, located in Buchloe in Germany‘s Allgäu region, has been successfully using OPEN MIND Technologies‘ hyperMILL® CAM system to create NC programs for years.

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    Typical ALPINA customers use their cars a lot, driving 20,000, 30,000 or even 50,000 kilometres a year. They require cars perfectly suited to everyday use, but don‘t wish to forgo a touch of exclusivity. In addition to its production of road vehicles, ALPINA is also actively involved in the auto racing scene. 2011, ALPINA even reached first place at Germany‘s GT Series, the ADAC GT Masters.

    hyperMILL® has provide us with lots of opportunities to manufacture components and create designs that we just weren't able to previously.“

    Matthias Schau, Development Engineer

    Anyone who wants to be as successful as ALPINA when it comes to road cars and racing needs the best possible tools in order to produce quality components at every stage of the manufacturing process, and introduce new ideas wherever possible. About four years ago, ALPINA decided to use hyperMILL® for its CAM system. Not only does the program have the required functionality, it is ‚made in Germany‘ and the two companies are located in close proximity – both deciding factors in ALPINA‘s decision.

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    ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG |
    Buchloe, Germany

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    Suspension strut clamp; a sample component in hyperMILL®. The component is made of high-strength aluminium.
    Our interviewees in Buchloe (from left to right): Andreas Bovensiepen (ALPINA), Andreas Leser (OPEN MIND) and Matthias Schau (ALPINA).
    The suspension strut clamp on the 5-axis machining centre from DMG.
    Laminating tool, milled using hyperMILL® and the finished CFK component.
    The suspension strut clamp installed in a BMW ALPINA B6 GT3.
    ALPINA racing car (BMW ALPINA B6 GT3) with OPEN MIND decal, a symbol of the relationship the two companies share.