Optimal 5-axis machining with hyperMILL®

    The leading manufacturers of electrical tools and application solutions for metal, expansions and cars rely on CAM systems from OPEN MIND.

    Fein | Mechanical Engineering

    C. & E. FEIN GmbH uses hyperMILL® to realise continuous processes from CAD design to efficient output on the machine. The CAM system proved itself as the optimal CAM solution among several competitors. The most important criteria in the requirements list: Changes to the CAD geometry can be made transparently and directly in the CAM system, and collision-free 5-axis machining with small tools is always guaranteed for deep cavities.

    The Hermle machining system and hyperMILL® form a powerful unit thanks to close collaboration between OPEN MIND and leading machine manufacturers. The fully automated collision avoidance in hyperMILL® ensures safe and efficient manufacturing processes, even for the most demanding 3D and 5-axis tasks. CINTEG AG took over the advising, implementation and training jobs in its role as an authorised sales partner.  

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    C. & E. FEIN GmbH | Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau, Germany

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