Here we go again!

    From 2.5D through to 5-axis and millTURN hyperMILL® is the first choice of Champions.

    The excitement is growing for what promises to be the most competitive season ever, not only on the track, but also back at base, where engineering teams battle to come to terms with the latest rule changes. As this season progresses and advances are made in the new technologies on board the cars, quick turnaround of modified or new parts will be even more important than in previous years.

    Why choose hyperMILL®? Ease of use is hugely important, extremely complicated components can be programmed with minimal input, using hyperMILL® logic technology. Post processor technology is second to none, what you see on the monitor is what you get on the machine. Customer support is also critical, if you require advice or assistance there is always an engineer available who has experience in cutting similar components.