In USA: Turbomachinery made easy

    In USA: Turbomachinery made easy

    March 28, 2019

    Cypress, CA , USA , DMG MORI | 5740 Warland Drive

    With increasing pressure on all turbomachinery to be highly optimized, manufactured to greater tolerances and designed faster than ever, the need to have a seamless workflow from design to manufacture has become a major requirement throughout industries such as aerospace, automotive, and power generation. This seminar brings together two leaders in turbomachinery design and manufacturing applications to offer an end to end solution from concept to finished product.

    SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM® CAE software and OPEN MIND’s CAM software hyperMILL® provides companies worldwide with the tools to achieve an integrated and efficient workflow from preliminary design to optimized cutting strategies for rapid manufacturing. The AxSTREAM® software suite provides users with an integrated and streamlined approach to turbomachinery design, redesign, analysis, and optimization, through a user-friendly and reliably platform. hyperMILL® offers the engineer the ability to machine complex turbomachinery parts easily with cutting strategies that will save time and be collision free.

    Costs: free

    Invitation [PDF, 700kB]


    10.00 am   Arrival and registration
    10.15 am Welcome
    10.30 am SoftInWay: Centrifugal impeller design
    11.35 am OPEN MIND: Programming of the impeller
    12.30 pm Lunch
    1.30 pm Tour of DMG Mori showroom
    1.45 pm SoftInWay: axial turbine blade design
    2.45 pm OPEN MIND: Programming of a turbine blade
    3.30 pm Coffee & Networking