Batalha , Portugal

    In markets which are increasingly global and competitive, all companies share the same objective, to get their products into the market more profitably.

    This aim is usually achieved through quality, price and innovation. To help reach this aim, technology and the optimization of production processes are factors which are critical to the success of industrial companies and all other upstream activities.

    In a context of great geographical and economic dynamism, ExpoSalão presents the 9th edition of MOLDPLÁS and the 9th edition of INDUSTRIAL PORTUGUESE TRADE FAIR, two professionals’ trade fairs for industries’ professionals, which main goal is to approach the offer to demand, in order to achieve good business to all the participants.

    These trade fairs appear as an excellent opportunity for all "players" who moves in the industry, to show themselves to the market. MOLDPLAS refers to the particular industry of moulds and plastics and will aggregate machines, equipments, raw materials and technology for the moulds and plastic industry. INDUSTRIAL PORTUGUESE TRADE FAIR, more general, presents Machines and Equipment for Industry, Industrial Technology, Automation and Robotics to support production.

    We look forward to seeing you here.