Okuma Lion

OPEN MIND is known throughout industry, Instagram and YouTube for developing unique demonstration components. We jointly developed the Lion as the King of Machining with Okuma on the GENOS M460V-5AX machine.

The lion demonstration offers efficient roughing, super-fine surface finish, and imperceptible blending between various regions.

hyperMILL® is well-known in the industry for high quality CAM solutions. OPEN MIND has been an early pioneer in 5-axis technology. This core competence of the staff is critical to provide technical solutions and service to end-users. The 5-axis technology includes a variety of general machining cycles for aerospace, mould and die, and medical industries, as well as dedicated solutions for turbomachinery, and tire industries. Strong postprocessors and simulation utilities are critical to provide robust and efficient solutions.

Unique benefits include the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance strategies for high performance roughing (2.5D, 3D, and 5-axis), 5-axis helical drilling technology, and patented finishing techniques that utilize conical barrel cutters to provide superior finish with up to 90% time savings.

Recent enhancements include high precision surface finish techniques to eliminate faceted surfaces that are common from CAM programming systems, 5-axis prismatic fillet finishing to extend the use of conical barrel cutters, and advanced blending techniques that focus on overcoming real-world alignment, temperature and other technical issues to greatly improve quality between adjoining surface regions.

Users Can Expect:

  • Quick ramp-up and learning curve
  • Efficient programming that results in efficient tool paths
  • Minimal or no polishing requirements
  • Future enhancements for Virtual Machining, probing, machining based on tolerance and dimensions and more

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