A tradition of innovation

    For 25 years, OPEN MIND has been a global technology leader and one of the most sought-after solution providers for machine and controller-independent programming!

    A True Pioneer & Technology Leader Right from the Start

    25 years ago, the technology enthusiasts that founded OPEN MIND started with a big revolution: software for 5-axis simultaneous machining! OPEN MIND was the first CAM developer to offer this technology for tool and mold making. Today, the innovative hyperMILL® machining methods are the benchmark across all industries.

    Perfect. Precise. Programming. Unique CAM Functions

    With hyperMILL®, OPEN MIND offers industrial customers from industry sectors one of the world’s best CAM/CAD solutions. Unique CAM functions ensure efficient 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis, HSC, HPC and mill/turn machining. Even complex 5-axis jobs can be implemented just as easily as 3D operations. One of the more recent development highlights is the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package, which includes three innovative modules for drilling, roughing, and finishing. OPEN MIND was also instrumental in the development of the conical barrel cutter, which enables high-performance finishing. Time savings of up to 90 percent can now be achieved with this high-end tool when it is combined with OPEN MIND's ingenious machining strategies.

    Renowned companies from a wide variety of industries around the world rely on the powerful hyperMILL® strategies to not only stay competitive over the long term, but to gain a clear advantage in the marketplace.
    Since its inception, OPEN MIND has been developing state-of-the-art CAM technologies that ensure unparalleled safety and significantly reduced programming and machining times – all with one goal: perfect, precisely manufactured components!

    Shaping the Digital Future and Maintaining Pole Position

    Thinking ahead and always being one step ahead of its rivals – is what has always been the driving force behind OPEN MIND. The company’s innovation team draws on its extensive industry expertise and pioneering spirit to develop forward-looking, next generation technologies.

    In order to retain its position as an industrial innovation leader, OPEN MIND works closely with its customers to develop and enhance hyperMILL®, bringing modern digital processes and technologies to the manufacturing arena, which are the benchmark of industry.
    In keeping with the spirit of Industry 4.0, hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining is the perfect fusion of the virtual and real world. The close interconnection of hyperMILL® and the modern machine tool delivers process control at a level that has never been achieved before. Bidirectional data exchange between the CAM/CAD software and machine controller makes hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining stand out in the field of digitization.

    Companies all over the world rely on the automation solutions provided by hyperMILL® to reduce their programming efforts significantly. Thanks to the programming interfaces and scripting languages, hyperMILL® allows complete and partially automated NC program generation that can be fully integrated into existing process chains.

    The innovative hyperMILL® strategies allow customers to always get the most out of their machines – today and in the future!