Growth in numbers

    • CAD

      No CAM without CAD:
      With hyperCAD®-S, an innovative CAD solution for CAM users, OPEN MIND positions itself as one of the world's leading providers of CAD/CAM solutions.

    • CAM

      A pioneer in the area of 5-axis technologies, OPEN MIND has innovative ideas and many years of CAM experience to offer, as well as versatile milling expertise, CAD systems, interfaces, and proprietary postprocessors.

    • Manufacturing

      ‘We push machining to the limit’: Our OPEN MIND experts master all kinds of challenges. Together with our customers, we get the very best out of the tool machines.

    • Product quality

      hyperMILL® arguably offers the most comprehensive CAM concept available today, providing added flexibility, seamless processes and cost-effective manufacturing in order to machine simple and sophisticated parts at the highest possible quality and with excellent process reliability.

    OPEN MIND’s recipe for success is due to its focus on the development of CAD/CAM solutions and close customer relationships. We always develop our core technologies in house. Our streamlined structures make our company very flexible. Our market position continues to expand consistently due to our systematic further development with powerful growth, year after year.

    • Total employees
    approx. 300
    • Employee development         
    approx. 60
    • CEO
    Volker Nesenhöner
    • Head of Development
    Dr. Josef Koch
    • CFO
    Markus Pech
    • Chairman of the Board
    Adi Drotleff
    • Shareholder
    Mensch und Maschine Software SE (100 %)
    • Global Headquarters
    Wessling, Germany
    • Established
    • Customers
    more than 10,000
    • Installations
    more than 20,000