hyperMILL®: Innovative 5-AXIS CAM Software

hyperMILL® CAM software simplifies the 5-axis milling process, allowing you to generate 5-axis NC programs with reduced machining times, improved process reliability and high quality surface finishes.

5-axis programming does not need to be time-consuming, confusing or unreliable. OPEN MIND’s innovative 5-axis technology stands above other solutions due to its simple and user-friendly programming and also its reliable and intelligent algorithms for collision detection and avoidance.

Trend-setting 5-axis strategies

The trendsetting hyperMILL® 5-axis technology can generate significant time savings while reducing tool wear and increasing contour accuracy. Through continuous machining strategies, hyperMILL® delivers cost-efficient and highly-productive manufacturing. Challenging features such as high and steep walls require many different tool inclinations in precisely delineated milling areas, hyperMILL® calculates such features with ease.

hyperMILL® 5AXIS can be used with our proprietary CAD system hyperCAD®-S, and is fully integrated with both SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk® Inventor®.

Benefits of hyperMILL® 5-AXIS

  • Easy programming for milling applications with indexed orientation.
  • Process reliability due to proven fully automated collision checking and avoidance.
  • Multiple tilt strategies are available: 3+2, automatic indexing and 5-axis simultaneous machining.
  • Familiar 3D strategies, such as Z-level machining or rest machining have been expanded to include 5-axis processing.
  • A broad spectrum of machining strategies are available for surfaces, cavities and special machining tasks.
  • All 5-axis strategies are available in the hyperMILL® interface.
  • 5-axis shape offset roughing and finishing for simple and time-saving programming of shaped and wrapped surfaces.

hyperMILL® 5-AXIS: The Helmet

See how this exquisite helmet was programmed using hyperMILL 5-AXIS, and manufactured by Daishin Seiki Corporation.

hyperMILL® 5-AXIS: Basketball Net

Slam dunk your next machining project. This video shows the possibilities of modern 5 axis milling technologies from hyperMILL, GROB and OSG.

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