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What’s new in 2021.1?

The Version 2021.1 of the hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S CAD integration also once again features many highlights and numerous new features. hyperCAD®-S offers a powerful new functionality with its Align Best Fit feature.


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hyperMILL®. Version 2020.1.

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Align Best Fit

The new “Align Best Fit” machining command allows geometry-like components to be aligned with one another using defined pairs of points. An algorithm automatically calculates the best possible alignment. The user can use various parameters to control exactly how the alignment should look. For example, they can lock translation and rotation axes as well as define a weighting between the individual pairs of points. This allows, for example, meshes of stocks or welding areas to be optimally and quickly aligned in relation to the actual CAD model.

Benefit: Simplified alignment of components.

Import PMI and metadata

When importing CAD data from neutral or native formats, face quality information is now also included and attached to the imported faces in hyperCAD®-S. This information is then available in hyperMILL® and can be used in machining jobs, for example.

Metadata from other CAD systems is also read in and appended as tags to the model or the components in hyperCAD®-S. This information, such as version statuses, materials, and general part or manufacturing information, can be used in hyperMILL® or through the hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center.

Benefit: Use of PMI information, evaluation of user-defined properties of CAD files.

Collision-checked machine head

When creating electrodes, the head of the die-sinking EDM machine can now also be included in collision avoidance. If a collision is detected, the faces of the electrode are automatically extended. This ensures safe machining of components with deep cavities.

Benefit: Improved safety.

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New features in Version 2021.1