hyperMILL® CAD/CAM software: What’s new in 2018.2?

    Quicker programming, more efficient machining – hyperMILL® 2018.2 has a lot to offer! Users will enjoy a large number of innovations and optimizations.

    Practical CAD-for-CAM functions such as automatic face extension for 3D Z-level Shape Finishing reduce the amount of programming required and ensure improved milling results. There are also two new strategies available for measurement.

    hyperMILL®. Version 2018.2.

    What's new in 2018.2?
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    3D shape level surface extension barrel | hyperMILL 2018.2

    3D Z-level Shape Finishing

    Two new functions are available for 3D Z-level Shape Finishing:

    Automatic Face Extension
    During programming, the ‘Automatic face extension’* function can be used to extend the selected milling surfaces. This CAD-for-CAM function eliminates the need to modify the milling faces in the CAD system beforehand.

    New Tool Types
    Barrel cutters can now be used for 3D Z-level Shape Finishing, and are launched in the strategy as a standard tool. General, tangential, and conical barrel cutters are supported.

    Benefit: Reduced programming time, improved milling results.

    *Only available in hyperCAD®-S.