Component Alignment at the Touch of a Button

OPEN MIND presents CAD/CAM function hyperMILL® BEST FIT

OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL® BEST FIT is a new function that is revolutionizing planning in machining operations. Instead of having to align the unmachined part in the clamping to the NC program manually, the hyperMILL® CAM system aligns the NC program automatically to the component position. This method saves time and increases process reliability, especially with cast, forged, welded, and additively manufactured stocks with small or irregular allowances, when reworking heat-treated parts, and during machine changeovers. Each of these processes requires a delicate touch to calibrate it with the CAD model of the end product.

hyperMILL® BEST FIT takes full advantage of the options offered by the virtual machine in the CAM program and communication with a 5-axis machining center capable of 3D measurements to eliminate the uncertainty that comes with manual alignment.

Intelligent component alignment at the touch of a button
Intelligent component alignment | hyperMILL BEST FIT
With hyperMILL® BEST FIT, the process is reliable, precise, and plannable.
process | hyperMILL BEST FIT
Manfred Guggemos, Product Manager at OPEN MIND Technologies AG
Manfred Guggemos | hyperMILL BEST FIT
Watch the hyperMILL® BEST FIT Video on our YouTube channel.
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