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    Hardware and Software Requirements, Graphic Boards for hyperCAD®-S, Requirements and Instructions for Installation.

    CAD CAM software: Hardware and Software Requirements | Download

    Hardware and Software Requirements

    hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®-S. hyperMILL® for hyperCAD®.
    hyperMILL® for Autodesk® Inventor®. hyperMILL® for SOLIDWORKS.
    PDF | 95 kB | 2018

    Hardware and Software Requirements | Information [英語]

    Graphics Boards for hyperCAD-S | Download


    Graphic Boards
    PDF | 130 kB | 2019

    Graphics Boards for hyperCAD®-S | Information [英語]

    Requirements for an error-free hyperMILL installation | Download

    hyperMILL® Installation Requirements.

    Requirements for an error-free hyperMILL® installation
    PDF | 15 kB | 2019

    Requirements for a hyperMILL® installation | Information [英語]

    Installation Guide | hyperMILL hyperCAD-S | Download

    Installation Guide | OPEN MIND Software

    For hyperMILL®, hyperCAD®-S, hyperMILL® SHOP Viewer and OPEN MIND Licence Manager programs.
    PDF | 400 kB

    Installation Guide hyperMILL® | hyperCAD®-S | Information