• CAM software hyperMILL version 2019.1

      More performance and better milling results

      Highlights hyperMILL® 2019.1: ‘5-Axis Prismatic Fillet Finishing’, an innovative method to make finishing with barrel cutters efficient. Furthermore, the ‘Surface precision mode’ means better surfaces can be achieved in ‘3D Profile Finishing’ than ever before.

      hyperMILL® 2019.1

    • hyperMILL at Ramco

      hyperMILL® helps NASA’s Quest for Knowledge

      Ramco Machine, LLC is helping to impact the future of space exploration by making parts for an advanced NASA satellite mission. Vice President Mike Jezowski: “We got hyperMILL®, because when you buy a high quality piece of equipment you need high quality CAM Software to program it.”

      hyperMILL® at Ramco

    • hyperMILL MAXX Machining | HPC software

      Performance strategies

      Speed is more crucial than ever these days. This is why OPEN MIND developed hyperMILL® MAXX Machining, the comprehensive high-performance solution for roughing, finishing and drilling – with time savings for finishing up to 90 %.

      hyperMILL® MAXX Machining

    • CAM software hyperMILL on YouTube

      hyperMILL® in action

      Everybody wants to see the impressive high heel – on YouTube and at trade shows. The YouTube video shows the possibilities of modern 5-axis milling.
      The result: perfection and precision.

      See it for yourself!

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    More efficient use of modern milling machines, significantly reduced programming times and a longer tool life for cutting tools – our hyperMILL® CAD/CAM software and product concept are perfectly designed to meet these requirements. Successful companies from many different sectors and countries already rely on our innovative strength. Together with our machine tool, cutter, and controller partners, we can offer you something really special:
    We push machining to the limit.

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