Generate 5-axis NC programs quickly and easily

Although 5-axis milling is one of the most challenging forms of CNC machining, OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL® CAM software simplifies the process. This enables programmers to generate 5-axis NC programs quickly and easily with reduced machining times, improved process reliability and high quality surface finishes.

5-axis programming does not need to be time-consuming, confusing or unreliable. OPEN MIND’s innovative 5-axis technology stands above other solutions due to its simple and user-friendly programming and also its reliable and intelligent algorithms for collision detection and avoidance.

Fully Optimize 5-Axis Machining with hyperMILL®!

5-axis programming and machining doesn't have to be time-consuming, confusing and unreliable. Check out hyperMILL® in some 5-axis action!

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Trend-setting 5-axis strategies

The trendsetting hyperMILL® 5-axis technology can generate significant time savings while reducing tool wear and increasing contour accuracy. Through continuous machining strategies, hyperMILL® delivers cost-efficient and highly-productive manufacturing. Challenging features such as high and steep walls require many different tool inclinations in precisely delineated milling areas, hyperMILL® calculates such features with ease.

5-axis milling is standard

5-axis simultaneous machining with hyperMILL® 5AXIS is based on what users are already familiar with - milling with a tilted tool. The machining process is now quicker, the surface results are better and programming is streamlined and less complicated. Thanks to easy programming with automatic collision checking and avoidance, this technology can also be a solution for standard milling jobs.

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5-axis special applications


Impeller Blisk

The Multiblade package from OPEN MIND: As simple as a standard application.

CAM software for Impeller Blisk

Turbine Blade

The Blade package from OPEN MIND provides optimized milling strategies for complete machining.

CAM software for Turbine Blade


The Tube package from OPEN MIND provides optimized milling strategies for complete machining.

CAM software for Tube

Tire molds

The Tire package from OPEN MIND offers automated pitch repetitions for more efficiency.

CAM software for Tire molds

Blow Molding

Best quality blow mold manufacturing with hyperMILL®

CAM software for Blow Molds

Details on 5-axis milling

  • Easy programming for milling applications with indexed orientation.
  • Process reliability due to proven fully automated collision checking and avoidance.
  • Multiple tilt strategies are available: 3+2, automatic indexing and 5-axis simultaneous machining.
  • Familiar 3D strategies, such as Z-level machining or rest machining have been expanded to include 5-axis processing.
  • A broad spectrum of machining strategies are available for surfaces, cavities and special machining tasks.
  • All 5-axis strategies are available in the hyperMILL® interface.
  • 5-axis shape offset roughing and finishing for simple and time-saving programming of shaped and wrapped surfaces.
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