Trade fairs, Webinars, Partner events and much more

Trade fairs and events serve as the perfect opportunity to learn more about our company, have lively and engaging discussions with our experts and find out about new features and product developments.

We look forward to meeting you.

Event Type
Partner Event Trade Fair
Bulgaria Czech Republic Estonia Germany Japan Latvia Mexico Portugal Sweden Thailand Türkiye USA Uzbekistan Vietnam

Metalex Vietnam

Vietnam's International Exhibition on Machine Tools & Metalworking Solutions for Production Upgrade
2023/10/04 - 2023/10/06
Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam
Trade Fair Vietnam

MSV Brno 2023

International Engineering Fair
2023/10/10 - 2023/10/13
Brno, Czech Republic
Trade Fair Czech Republic

Maktek Konya

2023/10/11 - 2023/10/14
Karatay-Konya, Türkiye
Trade Fair Türkiye


2023/10/11 - 2023/10/12
Querétaro, México
Trade Fair Mexico


2023/10/12 - 2023/10/14
Tallinn, Estonia
Trade Fair Estonia

MECT 2023

Mechatronics technology Japan 2023
2023/10/18 - 2023/10/21
Nagoya, Japan
Trade Fair Japan

Metal Machinery

2023/10/19 - 2023/10/22
Athen, Greece
Trade Fair

southtec 2023

2023/10/24 - 2023/10/26
Greenville, SC, USA
Trade Fair USA

Mining metals

17th International Exhibition on Mining, Metallurgy and Metalworking – MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2023
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Trade Fair Uzbekistan


Machinery, Equipment, Tools, Raw Materials and Technology Fair for the metalworking industry.
2023/11/02 - 2023/11/04
Batalha, Portugal
Trade Fair Portugal


Where ideas take shape
2023/11/07 - 2023/11/10
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Trade Fair Germany

westec 2023

2023/11/07 - 2023/11/09
Long Beach, CA, USA
Trade Fair USA

Elmia Subcontractor

2023/11/14 - 2023/11/16
Jönköping, Sweden
Trade Fair Sweden

Metalex 2023

2023/11/22 - 2023/11/25
Bangkok, Thailand
Trade Fair Thailand

Workshop at Codkey

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Partner Event Bulgaria


2023/11/30 - 2023/12/02
Riga, Latvia
Trade Fair Latvia

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