Innovative drilling module

The task: To remove as much material as possible from a circular pocket in an efficient and tool-friendly manner.
The solution: 5-axis helical drilling using our innovative drilling module.

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“There’s no better method for removing high chip volumes in such a short amount of time. It demonstrates yet another example of the superiority of 5-axis simultaneous machining for such a seemingly simple task.”

Dr. Josef Koch
CTO OPEN MIND Technologies AG



  • Fast and efficient plunging, especially for tough workpieces
  • Excellent for opening deep cavities using large milling heads
  • No predrilling necessary
  • Gentle on tools
  • Safe removal of shavings, even in deep drill holes
  • Simple programming
  • Also suitable for milling tools that are not center cutting

The drilling module

Details about the drilling module in hyperMILL® MAXX Machining

Lead angle

In contrast to conventional 3D machining, a lead angle allows for use of milling tools that are not centre cutting.

Automatic pitch adjustment

In the event of a collision, this function auto­matically adjusts the pitch until collision-free machining is ensured.

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