hyperMILL® MEDICAL Solutions

The medical device industry is growing fast and the time and cost pressure is high. Reducing costs-per-part is crucial. How can you meet these high requirements?

The right CAM system is an important factor within your process chain. With hyperMILL® you can quickly and easily generate safe NC codes: whether in prototyping, toolmaking or production. All around the globe, well-known medical device manufacturers and suppliers use hyperMILL® successfully. Additionally, they can always rely on our manufacturing know-how.

Video: CAM software for Medical Device Industry

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Part diversity – flexibility is key

Are you milling prototypes from a solid block? Do you make forging dies and thermoforming tools? Or do you have secondary operations after investment castings or printed implants? hyperMILL® has the right toolpaths for the entire range of parts in the medical device industry. Generate secure NC codes easily and flexibly and significantly reduce your costs-per-part.

Variety of materials – CAM system as an important factor

Are you challenged trying to machine titanium, cobalt-chrome or UHMWPE? Use the powerful tool database with interfaces to catalogs from well-known tool manufacturers.
Suitable technology parameters combined with proven 2.5D, 3D or 5-axis strategies are crucial for success. Even the most demanding materials can be easily machined with hyperMILL®.

Automate with ease

Do you produce many part families in several standard sizes every day?
Automate CAM programming of bone plates, knee implants or forging dies for hip stems with hyperMILL®. Numerous, successfully implemented automation projects with our customers speak for themselves. You can take advantage of this enormous potential for time savings as well!
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“Aesculap selected hyperMILL® in 2008 with an objective to increasing productivity. The implementation with hyperMILL® aimed to produce safe NC programs on the machines faster. Machining times had to be reduced without loss of quality. Thanks to hyperMILL®, we were able to quickly achieve these goals.”

Frank Fedtke
Technology Development, Aesculap AG


Manufacture medical devices successfully with hyperMILL®

  • Intuitive

    Simple and flexible CAM for convenient programming of a wide range of parts

  • Guarantee for quality

    Minimized post-processing thanks to high-quality, transition-free part surfaces

  • Practical

    Proven toolpaths and technology parameters as well as a CAD system specially developed for CAM

  • Safe

    Reliable machining process and minimized air movements thanks to unique NC simulation and NC code optimization

  • Innovative

    Future-oriented CAD/CAM technologies and strategies for sustainable competitiveness

  • Automated

    Program part families and standard sizes in record time

Knee Replacement

Every component of a knee prosthesis has different manufacturing challenges: A variety of geometries of the femoral and tibial component. Material that is difficult to machine, such as cobalt-chromium in the femoral part and UHMWPE in inlays. With hyperMILL® you are prepared for all challenges of knee implant milling.

knee replacement | medical device industry –

Femoral component

hyperMILL®'s 3D and 5-axis strategies are perfect for complex geometries. You can achieve huge time savings with barrel cutters or use special tools with the “Free Tip Geometry” function.
Thanks to the digital twin of the virtual machine, you can already see in the simulation what will happen on the machine.


Benefit from efficient toolpaths for the machining of knee implant inlays. Ultra-high-molecular weight-polyethylene is not easy to machine. A powerful tool database and interfaces to tool catalogs guarantee reliable processes and excellent surfaces when machining engineered plastics.

Hip Replacement

Producing hip shafts in all variants requires know-how in many areas. Prototypes made from a solid block or forging dies for production can be machined comfortably, in highest quality.

hip replacement | medical device industry –

Hip Stem

You want to machine prototypes as well as production components? With hyperMILL® you can comfortably generate perfect toolpaths for your machine tool. Thanks to proven strategies and technology parameters, you can process titanium alloys safely and reliably. The use of special and form tools with hyperMILL® is also possible without any problems.

Forging Die

Toolmaking for medical parts? hyperMILL®!
Manufacture forging dies for hip shafts in superior quality. Thanks to excellent, transition-free surfaces, you minimize secondary operations. Do you manufacture a variety of part families? CAM automation reduces programming times significantly.

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CAD/CAM as a decisive success factor in medical device manufacturing

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Bone Plates

Successfully milling bone plates depends on many factors. Machining them in just one setup requires a CAM system with reliable 5-axis capabilities. hyperMILL® offers reliable toolpaths for demanding titanium materials.

bone plates | medical device industry –

Bone Plates

Milling bone plates reliably, in just one setup – no problem with hyperMILL®'s 5-axis strategies. Achieve the best surface finishes without transitions and reduce secondary operations to a minimum. You can also program conical threads with form tools quickly and easily with hyperMILL®.

Clear competitive advantage!

Do you manufacture many bone plate variants in different sizes? Program them in record time with hyperMILL®'s unique automation technology. Just contact us for more information.

Spinal Implants

Implants for spines are extremely diverse. Cervical plates, spinal cages or stabilization systems challenge manufacturers for various reasons. Here, too, it is important to get to the NC code quickly and comfortably.

spinal implants | medical device industry –

Spinal Cages

Do you mill spinal implants from a solid plastic block? PEEK machining is a no-brainer thanks to proven roughing and finishing strategies. Toolpaths from hyperMILL® ensure machining results of the highest quality.

Cervical Plate

Milling cervical plates from a titanium bar requires suitable strategies and cutting parameters. With hyperMILL® and its powerful tool database, you can program and mill your parts conveniently and efficiently. Thanks to reliable 5-axis technology, even in just one setup.

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Femoral Knee Implants - a new manufacturing paradigm

Would you like to learn more about our complete CAM solution for the Medical Device Industry?

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Power Systems

They are important supporters in the daily business of surgery. Often finish machining of the casted housings is necessary. But this increases production costs enormously. That's why it is important to quickly get to safe NC code. No matter if it is simple tapping or complex 5-axis machining. hyperMILL® offers you the necessary flexibility and user-friendliness.


The development of containers to hold kits with sterile medical devices is commonplace. For the manufacturing of thermoforming tools, hyperMILL® already plays an important role for many of our customers. Because with the right CAM software you save programming and machining times. Feature recognition can be helpful to organize pockets and holes. Avoid time-consuming ball mill finishing and start finishing in record time. With conical barrel cutters and our hyperMILL® MAXX Machining finishing module, you can manufacture your tools much more economically.

What our customers say

Customers of OPEN MIND Technologies


Aesculap AG

“Thanks to its diverse 5-axis strategies and automation options, the hyperMILL® CAM system is ideal for our prototyping and toolmaking operations.”

Frank Fedtke, part of the R&D team

Aesculap AG
Tuttlingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg), Germany
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In’Tech Medical SAS

“Thanks to hyperMILL®, we have been able to meet the ever-shorter lead times required by our customers. Where processes used to require lengthy reworking, we now can rely on hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining technology. With this technology we have security right from the start.“

William Pigeon, head of CAM programming and technical support

In’Tech Medical SAS
Rang du Fliers, France
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Rudolf Brügger SA

“Looking back, we made the right decision to go with the complete 5-axis solution, including OPEN MIND's CAM software.“

Ruedi Brügger, Company head

Rudolf Brügger SA
Minusio (TI), Switzerland
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More Videos: CAM software for Medical Device Industry

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hyperMILL® 5-Axis Machining: Lamination Anchor
PEEK Spinal Cage Machining in one Setup
Femoral Component – Knee Implant
hyperMILL® 5-Axis Machining: Lamination Anchor

This video shows the 5-axis machining process of a lamination anchor for the medical device industry on a Hermle C 12 U dynamic using tools by Emuge Franken. Machining such parts requires a reliable and flexible CAM solution with strong 5-axis capabilities. hyperMILL® fulfills all these requirements.

PEEK Spinal Cage Machining in one Setup

This video shows an effective way to machine a spinal cage in one setup thanks to hyperMILL®’s powerful 5-axis technology. It was made from PEEK which is known for being a challenging material. hyperMILL® offers efficient CAM strategies for machining such challenging materials whether it is for roughing or finishing purposes. The tools used are from Zecha’s IGUANA series which are high-end cutting tools for such materials.
Efficient toolpaths. No re-clamping. No non-productive times.

Femoral Component – Knee Implant

This video shows the roughing and finishing process of a femoral component made on a Makino DA-300 using Seco cutting tools. This implant is made from Cobalt-Chrome and it was 3D printed. Accelerating secondary processes is important when it comes to achieving time savings. This example shows what is possible using conical barrel cutters instead of conventional ball mill cutters. The results are impressive.




B. Braun

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Rudolf Brügger SA

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Ensinger Machining


hg medical GmbH


In’Tech Medical SAS

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