hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining

hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining ensures seamless networking between the CAD/CAM software and machine. One of the highlights is the bidirectional exchange of data with the controller, which means that data can be sent to the machine and also received from the machine.

These days, if you deal with the issue of Industry 4.0, you cannot ignore the need to achieve the best possible networking of CAM software and the CNC machine tool. hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining provides for bidirectional exchange of data with the machine controller that guarantees a degree of continuity between the CAM system and machine that you won't find elsewhere. The hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center serves as the central component, allowing process-relevant data to be transferred directly and securely from the CAD/CAM system to the machine as well as received from it.

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hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining acts as the interface between the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center simulation solution and the machine tool. This makes it possible, for example, to send tool lists and NC programs directly from the simulation environment to the machine, sync the status of the simulation while the machine is running, or even control the machine using a PC.

Functions for enhanced safety on your machines

Making mistakes is human and therefore a safety mechanism that effectively protects you from possible operating errors is extremely important. Machine parameters such as zero points, tool data and control settings are read from the machine and compared with the NC program. This means you can be sure that the NC program and machine are in perfect synchronicity. In addition to the safety mechanisms, hyperMILL® CONNECTED Machining also offers practical functions that simplify the operation of your machines.

Practical functions

Zero point adjustment

The machine zero points are aligned with those of the NC program. Clamping errors or incorrect positioning is avoided.

Tool adjustment

The tool data of the NC program is automatically compared with that of the machine - if it does not match, an error message is issued, and the program run is stopped.

NC block synchronization

The machine's NC block can be synchronized with the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center so that the position in the machine simulation corresponds exactly to the real machine position.

NC program transfer

The NC program is transferred directly to the machine control. Either into a drawing structure or directly into the machine's working memory. This prevents program mix-ups.

Transfer tool information

Thanks to the consistency, information originating from a tool management system can be transferred from hyperMILL® directly to the tool memory of the control system.

Reading out alarm messages

Alarm messages from the machine are read out automatically and displayed visually in the hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Center. This allows problems to be identified at the CAM workstation.

Remote control

Perfect interaction with the machine via laptop or PC enables programs to easily be started and stopped from the laptop. The feed rate can also be adjusted via hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining while the machine is running.

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